Brandeis Day Trippers at Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Store


Thirty ladies from the Day Trippers Study Group converged on Auntie Anne’s Pretzel store in Northridge, California, to become Honorary Pretzel Rollers where we gained expertise in the ability in hand rolling and twisting a pretzel. There are Auntie Anne’s throughout the world, so be on the lookout and you, too can become an Honorary Pretzel Roller, or if you don’t have time for the field trip, you can become an Honorary Pretzel eater. They are delicious.


How Pretzels came down through the ages: Monks, in order to reward children who learned their prayers invented pretzels as a little reward. The strips of dough were folded to resemble arms crossing the chest in prayer, and baked into soft bread.  One day the keeper of the bakery fell asleep, left the pretzels baking too long and dried out the pretzels.  The head baker chastised the napping baker, but through his nap, the crispy pretzel was invented.


An anti-bacterial soap was used to wash our hands and then they were held under a black light. My, my how we left residue on our hands even though we washed and washed them. Gloves were also used as protection. Prizes were given for the best pretzel, (Cindi) and the cleanest hands, (Susie). Our own individual pretzel was baked, plus bagged along with an Honorary Pretzel Roller pin and coupons for our next visit.  We will never pass an Auntie Anne’s without our lovely memories of learning and sharing.


After this fun filled kid based field trip, where everyone had such a good time, I began to wonder why some of us past childhood do not go into the past and re-capture fun for kids.  I would love to relive riding on a pony and bouncing with my heart in my mouth and my hands clasped in a death hold on the saddle knob.  Why not go to a petting zoo and be the one to pet instead of the one who now watches the little one who pets?  How about going to the tide pools and watching the activity there. Be sure to bring a sun hat. I would like to go back to the Gene Autry Museum and the zoo. Want to build a project with Lego’s? Let’s just have a Play Date, a picnic, pitch pennies, play a board game, take a dance class, or how about visiting the fire station, police station or the post office as a first time field trip, no letters to be mailed in hand. How long has it been since you collected fall leaves, played marbles or hide and seek, had a water fight, planted something, or gone on a hayride? Make a kite and fly it, play Frisbee, jump rope, or how about go bowling?  Let me know what your special go back in time things are…

All Things British in “OH FANCY THAT”


Do you love all things British?  I do. For your information, we have a treasury of all things English here in Tarzana and this tribute to England is found waiting here for you in Oh Fancy That located at 18399 Ventura Blvd #11, Tarzana, CA 91356. When you call: 818 996-4405, ask for Jean, the owner.

When you walk into “Oh Fancy That” you are encouraged to pick up and take the Union Jack newspaper along with the British Weekly. The British radio is on for you to catch up on the news and all that is going on in Britain. Stepping inside of store # 11 you have crossed over into another country with no costly plane ride and your car is conveniently parked right outside.

New in the store, you will find, Lifeforce Irish Meuseli, Nescafe Cappuccino and five types of Pot Noodles. Enjoy Butter Toffee and dark chocolate dippers. Spend endless hours relaxing and enjoying Typhoo, Five Roses, Lyons and Tetley tea, How about Barry’s Fruitfields Marmalades, orange fine cut and Golden Shredless. Try Jacob’s Lemon Puff and Birds Rum Sauce, Weetabix, Vegemite, Marmite and indulge in Jelly Babies, Cadbury’s Crunchie, Flakes and Dairy Milk. You can select T-shirts, exquisite teapots and dainty English china teacups. Royal Wedding china will be coming into the shop momentarily.

Some of my favorites are the Robinsons drinks with barley water and Horlicks malt. I have enjoyed the Old English Scone mix, and have tasted every candy they carry and when I spot something new, I take it home to savor. I have purchased all sorts of cooking sauces that brighten up my meals. For example, Aahh! Bistro white sauce and parsley make such good starters. An all time favorite of mine are the McVities, especially the caramel and chocolate covered Digestives and Rich Tea Biscuits.

Once you taste some of these treasures you can’t do without them. You will create a taste for the little bits and pieces you find in this store and “Oh Fancy That” will become your retreat.  Careful now, once you enter, you will be hooked and have to come back time and time again.

It looks like I am trying to convert you into becoming an Anglophile; someone who greatly admires England or the English so, having an affliction of Anglophilla is a good thing. Go for it and visit Oh Fancy That, today!

Travelogues From Tarzana Day #12

This Reader is in Tarzana, north of Ventura Blvd on Wilbur Ave. I have counted 9 Psychic Reader’s in Tarzana, so far. There is a Miss Stacy, Tanta Diane, Miss Tina, Jin, and signs popping up on lawns and business buildings. I am not recommending this one but this sign was just in the way of my camera. I looked up Psychic Reader’s in Tarzana and found very few who are advertised on the Internet. If you decided to use any Psychic Readers please report back to me. Report from any state, any country just anywhere. I am interested in your results, but I am personally afraid to hear my own.

The Marvin Baude Mulholland Gateway Park is in the Santa Monica Mountains with its trailhead at the southern end of Reseda Blvd in Tarzana. I remember the fight for many years that Marvin Braude a Councilman and Jill Swift of the Sierra Club had to save these beautiful mountains for hiking, biking and lifelong preservation for generations to come.  There was talk of building a highway that would start in Tarzana at the end of Reseda blvd and wind over the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  I’ll admit the thought of having that kind of access to Malibu and the Pacific was interesting, but when you take into consideration the need for preserving more of our natural lands, there is no question that the efforts to preserve this large expanse of undeveloped wild land cannot even be questioned. More



First we went to Tarzana Park where I have fond memories of the coop day care. Parents would take certain days to help the park’s day care director. Since I had twins, I was scheduled for two days a week. What’s fair is fair’

The park is in beautiful condition and is ready at all times for people to come and enjoy the surroundings.  There is a new recreation center with beautiful wood floors. Enter the center and young, middle-aged and older men are engaged in a heated basketball practice. The bouncing of the ball and the squeaking of the shoes makes for a symphony of melodious sounds; the men make it a feast for the eyes, and for the participant’s camaraderie. More

Travelblogues From Tarzana Day #7

There is a coyote problem in Tarzana, but if you keep your pets inside at night, bring in the pet food and remove fallen fruit from trees, you most likely will not encounter a problem. There are thousands of Coyotes are out there, so arm yourself with a stick when you are out walking your dog at dusk or after nightfall.  Most coyote attacks are against small animals and pets. It is quit rare for coyotes to attack humans. Many families have suffered losses of their unprotected dogs left outside in the back yards at night. Our family has lost two dogs and two cats to prowling coyotes. We learned to keep our pets safe. I remember a naturalist giving a talk at one of the travel stores and she said, “Remember who was on your land first, so have respect when they are still there.” I wonder if she meant the trillions of jackrabbits on our lawn. The problem was nearly non-existent some years back and now the hungry bunnies have ruined our backyard lawn. In recent years and especially this year, they seem to be a major pest. This is from Catherine Carpenter: `”I live in the hills in Tarzana,” she wrote, ”and unfortunately our back lawn has become the community lawn for families of rabbits. No amount of Liquid Fence (a deer and rabbit repellent), hot pepper spray or even our 100-pound German shepherd keeps them away. They frolic and eat our lawn and flowers to their hearts’ content.” More

Travelblogues From Tarzana Day #5

If you take a driving tour around Tarzana, you will notice a trend

called “mansionization.” You will notice oversized new houses where they have torn down the existing house replacing it with one that is huge in comparison and certainly much larger than surrounding houses. They look out of place to the eye because most are built on undersized lots with turrets and faux-chateau pretensions. You are probably familiar with this trendy phenomenon. You may have it going on in your neighborhoods as well. The Tarzana Property Owners Association (TOPA) believes they are here to preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of our community, so they recently passed a Mansionization Ordinance. First is the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, which was passed in June of 2008 and limits the maximum size of homes as a function of the zone and lot size. The second stage is underway right now and that is to better define the hillside areas. Finally the third state is still in early planning which will develop a Hillside Mansionization Ordinance. More

Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana

I decided you still have to eat whether you are on an exotic trip or just at home in your exotic environment. I began my journey to the market. On the way to anywhere from our house you must go down the hill and there is no getting around passing a store called Ross Dress For Less. I thought stopping there would be like a little extra field trip in downtown Tarzana. I was right.

After shopping the store, I found a number of items to try on. Some of you may already know the drill. You hold your selected items out for the clerk to count them. She gives you a number to correspond with the number of items you have. Eight items is your limit. No more than 8 items and they are very strict. If you have more than eight items, you leave the extra ones in your shopping cart parked just outside of the dressing room. When you try on the ones you have taken into the dressing room, you can bring your number out, put the items you want in your cart, give the discarded ones to the counting clerk and take more in to try.  If you are finished and have no more items to try, you just continue with your cart to do more shopping or go to the check out stand. I found a great shirt and now with the events that followed it has become the best shirt I have ever found in my life. Why because it is gone. Yes, someone stole the shirt out of my cart when I was not looking. I know, I know there is a code of honor at Ross and it is that no one takes anything from anyone’s cart and no one has ever taken anything from me, but this time someone else thought it was the most perfect amazingly fantastic shirt in the world, too. More

Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana, Day # 2

Travelogues from Tarzana Day # 2

Usually travelogue writers reach acclaim by traveling to the world’s remotest locations and writing about them.  Since as I mentioned before we are destined to stay in our present location for quite awhile, I did not want my writing skills to lie dormant, so I have elected to report from where I am, not where I planned to be.

They say Travel literature is travel writing of literary value and that this individual work is sometimes called a travelogue. It is true that a great portion of travel literature is not written on the spot and is fictionalized. Did you know that? More

Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana, 91356



I had such great plans to send travel logs from South Africa. I was going to report all of the wonderful things we saw and did. I probably would have moaned and groaned about some things and raved about others. I would have discussed the people we met along the way, fellow travelers as well as citizens of places we were scheduled to have visited. You know I would have sent wonderful pictures of all of our sights and for sure there would have been some animal photos to delight. Alas, there will be none of that because we have cancelled the trip.  Skip could not have traveled with an active attack of diverticulitis, but with the added attack of shingles, well that sealed our fate for now. We have been grounded. Your first question is did you insure. Oh yes, and it remains to be known what we will and will not get back. I am confident that our travel agent has that all under control. I will tell you that the airfare was not insured, so we will have a gazillion dollars credit on Delta. It was a long and expensive flight.  Just think of the many places Delta flies. More