Experience Guinea Fowl for dinner, we did.

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It depends on where in this world you live how easily or difficult it is to find Guinea Fowl to cook for your dinner. In our case finding it in Los Angeles took some research, but here he/she is and the last one in the case at that.

After bringing our bounty home we washed our bird, then dressed the bottom of the pan with onions, apples and a little apple juice, topped with a small amount of cinnamon and sugar on the apple onion base. Added to the guinea fowl’s skin 1/3 cup of melted butter or olive oil, add seasoned salt. Never mind, leave the neck head and beak, because that is all part of the allure.  Bake for 1½ hour, but I added time on to our baking because of insecurity.

Everything during the baking of your first Guinea Fowl produces anxiety followed by lots of good smells. You probe your Guniea every once in awhile, you baste it with cooked juices, and you to fuss with several side dishes. The choice on side dishes is yours, certainly there are many and varied ideas.

When your bird looks very ready, out you pull the perfectly browned body, yummy apple onion bottom bake and neck head and crown. This glorious sight is all set aside to rest while you finish your early celebratory glass of wine. Soon it becomes time to carve your Guinea Fowl.

The carving takes a steady hand and well worked out muscles. Guinea takes finesse as well as brawn. Am I trying to say it is a bit tough? Only the carving. The meat is tasty and secure. The flavor is very good, acrtually borders on delicious and the apple onion base is spectacularly lovely, making it all worthwhile in my humble opinion. Save the memorable furcula.


Would we hunt and find Guinea Fowl again. Probably if you asked us to cook it for you we would, but not for an everyday meal. There is a place to purchase Guinea Fowl called The Pieking Poultry in chinatown on S. Broadway Street, Los Angeles California. Google it. Call ahead.




Brandeis Day Trippers at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California

January 12, 2012

If you have an opportunity to visit the Homeboy  Industries Facility at 130 Bruno Street in Los Angeles, California, you will have an enlightening and spiritual journey you will long remember. Our day was spent in awe. WE had lunch at the Homegirl Café. The food is delicious and generous. The Bakery is full of lovely pastries and luscious breads. If you happen to be there past 2:00 p.m. you will be able to buy two breads for the price of one. What a deal. In addition to the Homegirl Café and the Homeboy Bakery, there is silk screening and embroidery, merchandise made by members is sold on the premises and can be ordered; an active component is their Homegrown mini farm that not only helps supply the dining facility, but is sold in Farmer’s Markets at many locations in Los Angeles.

All of Homeboy Industries is funded purely on donations and not only the services you see are available to give people at risk a second chance, they are also offered, temporary housing, urgent medical, mental health and dental care, child care, emergency car repairs, bus and train tokens and vouchers, tattoo removal, food and clothing for job interviews and to create a new image. Education is a strategic part of the recovery program. Academic classes in Life Skills, Substance Abuse, Support groups, Extracurricular classes and Work Readiness classes are offered everyday. Some are elective and some are mandatory. Another very important part of the work at Homeboy is job training and job referrals.

All and all the day spent at Homeboy Industries was enlightening and important! Donations are appreciated. Go for a visit. Eat lunch. Buy some bread and pastries and most of all talk with people in the facility. Better yet, if you know when you will be there, ask for a private tour. The people at Homeboy Industries are proud to share their accomplishments.


Chef Scott, and Lovely Eleni At The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

How do you arrive at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and expect to meet the Chef from the kitchen where your next meal will be prepared?  You know his mom; that is definitely a beginning.

We met Chef Scott, a gem and a handsome, friendly, gifted fellow and Eleni, an intelligent, gorgeous, sociable young lady on Thanksgiving Day. We had no idea it was Thanksgiving Day and we had no idea that our meeting was going to take us into the inner workings of this hotel’s fine dining. When Scott opened the door to the kitchens we were rendered immediately in awe of a sight that so very few get to see regarding their dining experience. The kitchen and all that it takes to jointly put together the meal we ate in the dining room after our tour will always be a highlighted life experience for us.

Here is Scott showing us some of the delicacies he is sending upstairs to the Gold floor.

We learned that the kitchens have a recycling program along with a composting project and have separate cans for each. Bravo!  We also noticed that Scott knew everyone by name and they showed him such respect in return. Scott is as very happy man who loves his job. When Scott was showing us his work environment he was so lit up and showed such admiration for all of the people who keep the behind the scenes of these kitchens in tip-top order.

Here are some photos of Scott’s colleagues at work.

Reporting on the Meringue cookies at: LA CRÈME BAKERY

I have searched the world over for the best meringue cookies. I have made finding the best, most wonderful meringues in the world, a mission. I have searched, hunted, explored and investigated the meringue cookie topic. No, I did not search the whole wide world, but I looked in many nooks and crannies as well as big cities for the delights of a wonderful no fat, meringue cookie. I was looking for the kind you have to slowly bake for hours, the ones that melt in your mouth and whittle down to nothing but yum.

Some cookies are too hard and some are too flakey and some just have too little or no flavor. Some that look really good fool you the most.  The kind you get in the little clear plastic boxes get old quickly and there is nothing more unpleasant about a cookie than having it taste old.

At the La Crème Bakery I found the treasure I have been looking for forever. More

“Natives” Are Home from our Tour in Santa Barbara

When we talk about Natives on Tour, the natives consist of our whole family. We get along great, usually, and enjoy going on tour with each other. There are many adventures and experiences that can only be taught by going on tour. Come with us next time. Got any good ideas for the next tour?

We are home from our lovely Natives on Tour in Santa Barbara.  Did we go to the museums? Yes. Did we go to the Zoo? Yes we did and we enjoyed the grounds almost as much as seeing the penguin feeding, the giraffes, the flamingos, the gorillas, the huge guinea pigs, the lion, the elephants and visiting amongst ourselves.  Did we get to the Mission, no not this time?  Did we go to Sterns Wharf, drive on the wharf, and hang around watching the fisherman, buy candy and shop? Yes, we did.   Did we do the whole State Street thing from the Museum of Art to Cabrillo BLVD.? Yes we did.



First we went to Tarzana Park where I have fond memories of the coop day care. Parents would take certain days to help the park’s day care director. Since I had twins, I was scheduled for two days a week. What’s fair is fair’

The park is in beautiful condition and is ready at all times for people to come and enjoy the surroundings.  There is a new recreation center with beautiful wood floors. Enter the center and young, middle-aged and older men are engaged in a heated basketball practice. The bouncing of the ball and the squeaking of the shoes makes for a symphony of melodious sounds; the men make it a feast for the eyes, and for the participant’s camaraderie. More