Brandeis Day Trippers at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California

January 12, 2012

If you have an opportunity to visit the Homeboy  Industries Facility at 130 Bruno Street in Los Angeles, California, you will have an enlightening and spiritual journey you will long remember. Our day was spent in awe. WE had lunch at the Homegirl Café. The food is delicious and generous. The Bakery is full of lovely pastries and luscious breads. If you happen to be there past 2:00 p.m. you will be able to buy two breads for the price of one. What a deal. In addition to the Homegirl Café and the Homeboy Bakery, there is silk screening and embroidery, merchandise made by members is sold on the premises and can be ordered; an active component is their Homegrown mini farm that not only helps supply the dining facility, but is sold in Farmer’s Markets at many locations in Los Angeles.

All of Homeboy Industries is funded purely on donations and not only the services you see are available to give people at risk a second chance, they are also offered, temporary housing, urgent medical, mental health and dental care, child care, emergency car repairs, bus and train tokens and vouchers, tattoo removal, food and clothing for job interviews and to create a new image. Education is a strategic part of the recovery program. Academic classes in Life Skills, Substance Abuse, Support groups, Extracurricular classes and Work Readiness classes are offered everyday. Some are elective and some are mandatory. Another very important part of the work at Homeboy is job training and job referrals.

All and all the day spent at Homeboy Industries was enlightening and important! Donations are appreciated. Go for a visit. Eat lunch. Buy some bread and pastries and most of all talk with people in the facility. Better yet, if you know when you will be there, ask for a private tour. The people at Homeboy Industries are proud to share their accomplishments.