Morning’s With Melissa


Due to the holidays we did not do our homework last night hoping to find the time in the morning to share it with you. Pressure causes pain.

Quickly we realized that the computer has a mind of it’s own and reacted impossibly. We called a computer doctor, but as you may have experienced there are others in line so time drifted and work not completed.

Here we go and picking up some speed.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and all had a good time. We ordered a turkey from a famous named place, and their advertising turned out to be a well a told truth. Although I do like to try some of the side dishes myself, because I like a lasting strong flavor, not a bland taste, which makes way for the very well seasoned turkey. God willing we all will be here next year.

My dearly departed Mother and Father left to our family boxes full of interesting and beautiful HATS, they have enjoyed throughout their lives, living together in Los Angeles. I dug all of their, and my, hats out of the closets and laid them out across a table in our living room. The hats had been secretly loved and adored, only in secret. What was the secret all about? I do not know, but our family and a few friends were invited soon after to come to a gathering we called, ‘THE HAT EXCHANGE.” If you wanted to share a hat ok, and if not ok, anyone was welcome to any hat, or perhaps several that captured their fancy. The opening of the boxes commanded that the room be kept very cool and very quiet in order to hear the sounds the hats made as they popped out of the boxes, sharing the myriad stories the many hats had to tell. We have a number of sharing photo ops, but most everyone would not allow us to send them along. Need-less-to-say I had a really good time watching my daughters try on the hats of old.

Skip and I had taken a trip to the Ukraine many years ago. There was a family that we had met there and became friendly with for many years after. Life got busy, as lives do, and we lost touch. A special surprise came from the Ukraine, though the mail, several weeks ago and I was thrilled beyond reason to read the postmark stamped from the Ukraine. It was from one of the children that has now grown up and become a lovely young lady. It was very nice to hear from her all these years later. We have become pen-pals once again. It is interesting what life throws at you when you least expect it.

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  1. GP Cox
    Dec 06, 2019 @ 11:21:15

    So great to hear from missed friends!
    Computers do have a mind of their own. I can’t figure out why they are still trying to invent Artificial Intelligence – it’s been here all along!!


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