Morning’s With Melissa


Episode 9

This is the twice-told story about to be told again, and perhaps again.

          The Story of “Pin Sweater” in the making

Realizing this is the day we are to have our blog ready to be submitted and we gasped in unison. We started chattering and in the pile of words we realized we have another day to tell you,

“Pin Sweater”

Hopefully you noticed the photo above of the Pin Sweater. It captures a beautiful cashmere sweater covered in many pins, Skip and I collected during a trip we took a number of years ago to Australia. We learned how their participation in World War 2 began on Sept 3, 1939, sixteen days before I was born. The war changed the nation’s economy, military practices, and brought them into an understanding of how industry would allow them to become familiar with Britain and the United States. The war carried Australia into the developed country that we enjoyed visiting and collecting pins.

This afternoon we unearthed the famous, “pin vest”, which is now hanging in the living room. What fun! It was especially nice to see that the craftsmanship held up through the years. In writing this Blog I realized that we wanted to share the story with you in hopes that on your next vacation you might enjoy doing the same. It’s a great activity for all ages. Haven’t you seen the children when they are leaving Disneyland with all their pins from the different lands? Let us know how your pin collecting goes.








3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jacqueline morris
    Nov 24, 2019 @ 07:27:36

    I well remember listening to you describe how you acquired each of these pins while we enjoyed dinner every night during our cruise around Australia and New Zealand, 12.5 yrs ago. I now have a denim jacket adorned with pins based on your experience. We had a wonderful trip due in no small part to sharing tales of our adventures with you and Skip (and Sam and Shirley). Knowing you through the years has enriched my life. Thank you.


  2. Sheila Clapkin
    Nov 25, 2019 @ 03:01:29

    Such a lovely response. I have had tears of joy. The best is it is now hanging in the living room. It has been an attraction. Hoping all is well for You And Albert. Love and appreciate your thoughts.


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