First we went to Tarzana Park where I have fond memories of the coop day care. Parents would take certain days to help the park’s day care director. Since I had twins, I was scheduled for two days a week. What’s fair is fair’

The park is in beautiful condition and is ready at all times for people to come and enjoy the surroundings.  There is a new recreation center with beautiful wood floors. Enter the center and young, middle-aged and older men are engaged in a heated basketball practice. The bouncing of the ball and the squeaking of the shoes makes for a symphony of melodious sounds; the men make it a feast for the eyes, and for the participant’s camaraderie.

It was time for lunch so we picked Thai: Thai Restaurants in Tarzana are:

Takzin Thai, Thai Original BBQ and my new find Lemongrass Thai. The food at Lemongrass is a fine mixture of Chinese and Thai and what comes of that mixture is heavenly. What a nice discovery at 19560 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana. Takzin Thai has been a favorite for years, but the new taste of Lemongrass was delightful. You cannot go wrong in any of the three Thai eateries here in Tarzana. Once the food was consumed at Lemongrass, they brought the tariff and on the tray were two fortune cookies.  Believe me, I do not like my fortune told and usually do not open my cookie, but today was Tarzana Day and I reluctantly I unwrapped the cookie. So you know, it read: “It is much wiser to take advice than to give it.” I agree, but when I turned it over, my jaw dropped and I read: “Es mas sabio seguir consejos que darlos.” Is this a sure sign of assimilation? Is this just plain silly? It is what it is.

Next stop: Mrs. Beasley’s

This particular Mrs. Beasley’s is located in Tarzana.

I do believe it was the first location in what has become a large corporation delivering their “fresh and gourmet cookies and cakes nationwide”. How can they be fresh when they are in route? They boast that their delicious “homemade products are made the old-fashioned way.” This Tarzana store is on the south side of Ventura blvd between Tampa and Corbin. At the Beverly Hills and Pasadena locations they provide curbside service. Order in advance and have curbside pick up. That’s a new one on me. Fairly recently, Mrs. Beasley’s bought the rights to Miss Grace Lemon Cake, and now posses the rights to make, bake this famous “ award winning” cake.  Now it is advertised as Mrs. Beasley’s Miss Grace Lemon Cake. Approximately twenty years ago, Skip and I stopped at the original Miss Grace to buy a Mrs. Grace Lemon Cake for a dinner party. It was a tiny little thing, but packed a powerhouse of sweet and tart flavor.  The lady put it in a box and handed it to Skip with a smile and said that will be $15.99. Skip nearly dropped the box and said,” I am not going to need this.” He gave the box back to her and we left the store. He drove to Tarzana’s tried and true bakery, Bea’s Bakery and bought a cake for 3 or 4 dollars. The Bea’s cake was beautiful, decorative to the maximum and delicious. Nothing was lost in translation. Every so often, Skip and I would go into Miss Grace Lemon Cake to see how the prices had elevated. The first trip brought is up to $19.99, then, $22.99, then $25.99, then we lost track until today in the Tarzana Mrs. Beasley’s store where it is now $29.99 with free shipping. To date: we have never bought a Miss Grace Lemon Cake. Skip has his principles.

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