Travelblogues From Tarzana Day #7

There is a coyote problem in Tarzana, but if you keep your pets inside at night, bring in the pet food and remove fallen fruit from trees, you most likely will not encounter a problem. There are thousands of Coyotes are out there, so arm yourself with a stick when you are out walking your dog at dusk or after nightfall.  Most coyote attacks are against small animals and pets. It is quit rare for coyotes to attack humans. Many families have suffered losses of their unprotected dogs left outside in the back yards at night. Our family has lost two dogs and two cats to prowling coyotes. We learned to keep our pets safe. I remember a naturalist giving a talk at one of the travel stores and she said, “Remember who was on your land first, so have respect when they are still there.” I wonder if she meant the trillions of jackrabbits on our lawn. The problem was nearly non-existent some years back and now the hungry bunnies have ruined our backyard lawn. In recent years and especially this year, they seem to be a major pest. This is from Catherine Carpenter: `”I live in the hills in Tarzana,” she wrote, ”and unfortunately our back lawn has become the community lawn for families of rabbits. No amount of Liquid Fence (a deer and rabbit repellent), hot pepper spray or even our 100-pound German shepherd keeps them away. They frolic and eat our lawn and flowers to their hearts’ content.”

Our yard has become nearly impossible to walk upon, because it is now a carpet of bunny pellets. They say the only way to keep bunnies at bay is with a three-foot fence on top and 6-10 inches into the ground. Our property is too big for that option, so we thought about a dump truck full of rat poison, but that won’t work either. Do we want to poison the lovely birds in our yard, the quail, the bobcats, the friendly snakes, lizards by the gross, owls, squirrels, and I wouldn’t mind feeding the poison to gophers, mice, rats, and as stated, the rabbits, but then again who wants to mess with the ecosystem just for the sake of a carpet of bunny pellets.

They say there are mountain lions in this environment, but no one I know has ever see one.  We have seen and even caught a bobcat. They are huge and dangerous to your pets.

I remember my Uncle Leslie bought the rights from Disney to use Bugs Bunny ‘s saying” What’s Up Doc?” He used them on a series of sheets and towels and they sold like wild fire. Good for Uncle L.

Clearly, Bugs is back and has brought the generations of his family to live and eat in our backyard. Oh Bugs.

What did you say? You wanted to see the carpet of rabbit pellets? Oh come on. Who goes out early in the morning to capture photos of fresh bunny poop? I did, just for you. Look! Well fed bunnies.

We will have to take some action regarding this carpet of pellets. I think any action that will work is illegal, so end of discussion

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