Travelogues From Tarzana Day #12

This Reader is in Tarzana, north of Ventura Blvd on Wilbur Ave. I have counted 9 Psychic Reader’s in Tarzana, so far. There is a Miss Stacy, Tanta Diane, Miss Tina, Jin, and signs popping up on lawns and business buildings. I am not recommending this one but this sign was just in the way of my camera. I looked up Psychic Reader’s in Tarzana and found very few who are advertised on the Internet. If you decided to use any Psychic Readers please report back to me. Report from any state, any country just anywhere. I am interested in your results, but I am personally afraid to hear my own.

The Marvin Baude Mulholland Gateway Park is in the Santa Monica Mountains with its trailhead at the southern end of Reseda Blvd in Tarzana. I remember the fight for many years that Marvin Braude a Councilman and Jill Swift of the Sierra Club had to save these beautiful mountains for hiking, biking and lifelong preservation for generations to come.  There was talk of building a highway that would start in Tarzana at the end of Reseda blvd and wind over the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  I’ll admit the thought of having that kind of access to Malibu and the Pacific was interesting, but when you take into consideration the need for preserving more of our natural lands, there is no question that the efforts to preserve this large expanse of undeveloped wild land cannot even be questioned.

For a great family hike and one for an introduction to the Santa Monica Mountains would be the one that starts at the MBMGP at the end of Reseda and is the 3.5 Caballero Canyon loop. We will hike tomorrow.

Today is tomorrow: Hike Day

On the ride from the Ventura Freeway (101) you exit on Reseda Blvd and head south into the Santa Monica Mountains because you have a date to hike the Caballero Canyon Loop. You will be passing homes, the side of El Caballero Golf and country club, and a magnificent gated community called Silver Hawk. As you continue south you will pass another golf and country club called Braemar as well as another gated community called Braemar Estates. Again as you continue, you will pass Mulholland Park, another most magnificent gated community with brilliant views of Tarzana and beyond. Very soon after Mulholland Park you will pass through a gate that allows you entrance into the park and the Santa Monica Mountains. Read the signs carefully. There is a pay for parking machine I do not understand.  Remember this when you are ready to leave the park. There is a camcorder waiting there to video you if you do a California roll through the stop sign.  In several weeks you will get a whopping ticket and proof that you did not stop at the sign leaving the park. Once you have driven up to the stop and whether you stopped or not, you have been videoed. If you have not made a complete stop, you are ticketed and posted on the Internet. If you stop there is no posting. They get you coming and going, but it is worth the effort. I have this information from an informant who  has gone through the process.


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