Reporting on the Meringue cookies at: LA CRÈME BAKERY

I have searched the world over for the best meringue cookies. I have made finding the best, most wonderful meringues in the world, a mission. I have searched, hunted, explored and investigated the meringue cookie topic. No, I did not search the whole wide world, but I looked in many nooks and crannies as well as big cities for the delights of a wonderful no fat, meringue cookie. I was looking for the kind you have to slowly bake for hours, the ones that melt in your mouth and whittle down to nothing but yum.

Some cookies are too hard and some are too flakey and some just have too little or no flavor. Some that look really good fool you the most.  The kind you get in the little clear plastic boxes get old quickly and there is nothing more unpleasant about a cookie than having it taste old.

At the La Crème Bakery I found the treasure I have been looking for forever. Thousands and thousands of miles away from this little gem of a bakery, I conducted my searched for, Meringue Cookies! Just a few miles from home I found that the meringue cookies at this little bakery tucked in a corner @ 19948 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, Ca (818-346-1400) are the best.  I took some friends to La Crème’s after eating the buffet lunch at Safir’s restaurant in the same shopping center. Safir’s is another find and a delightful spot.  Anyhow back to the meringues at La Crème. After hearing my praises regarding the meringues, the “luncheonettes” came with me to sample them.  They are truly melt in your mouth fantastic, and after hearing that they bake them slowly for eight hours we all have a whole new respect for these already magnificent taste treasures. I had to wait for a month before they had the oven time to bake more of these wonderful treats, but the wait is well worth it.  You can put your name up on their board as a person waiting for the meringue cookies and they will call you when they have a freshly baked batch.  Try the meringues dipped in chocolate if you dare.

Take a deep breath and take your time to enjoy this little bakery. You will have an opportunity to taste many of their lovely baked goods because they always have several trays of samples to enchant you and your taste buds. It seems they are able to accommodate anything you need. Just ask. This is THE bakery that has set the bar.  You need to have the La Crème Bakery experience.

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  1. Ellen Slavett
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 23:29:40

    I have already been to the bakery and purchased 2 packages of them and the chocolate are darn good! YumYum Thanks for touting them. You should be head of PR.


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