We Are Leaving Thursday for Amsterdam: My Writings from the Last Airport Waiting Room

Dear God,

We leave Thursday for Amsterdam and my mind is filled with memories of the last time we flew.

Get me out of here. I can’t stand it. Maybe if I just close my eyes it will be less stressful. I can’t shut out my ears. I tried, but somehow all of my senses are screaming to see, hear, and feel. I spent many years unraveling what I learned, replacing it with new learning, re-learning, re-programming and re-hashing, getting the wrong, right and now I want it straight like it is, but this is unexpected.  I was taught constructive ways to relieve the stress, but I have to tell you all of us here are on over load.

I am in an airport waiting room. The television is blasting with enough snow to cover a mountain range in the Alps.  The lady next to me on the right has been coughing for the past 5 hours. Some of kids are sleeping on the floors leaving small snaking pathways to and from the restrooms. The ones that are not sleeping are whining, screaming and driving everyone around them crazy, especially the harried and tired parent/s.  I just want them to shut up. Hey, just for five minutes.

A small well heeled boy/man sits down in a seat miraculously open and miraculously next to me. I have been eying him for hours. He sat with his back against the wall, slumping in slumber away from all of this distress for hours now. He doesn’t look rested, but slumps down in the chair, rubs his knitted brows and continues with his eyes closed.

I notice that no one is alone here. They are for the most part hooked up. They have wires hanging from their ears, they are staring at little screens with action movies displaying, cell phones to their heads, most with a little device plugged into their ear and they walk around like maniacs babbling and mumbling to themselves.

I will not name this airline waiting room and I want to so badly blast the name, but I want to keep you updated so I must not. All flights in and out of here are cancelled or delayed. This airport waiting room and all of the others connected to this one are scenes from a horror movie that are too horrible, and would ultimately end up on the editors cutting room floor.

As stated: We leave Thursday for Amsterdam and beyond.

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  1. Melody
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 09:35:24

    This sounded excruciating! I can’t wait to hear about the happy memories you make in Amsterdam!


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