Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana, 91356



I had such great plans to send travel logs from South Africa. I was going to report all of the wonderful things we saw and did. I probably would have moaned and groaned about some things and raved about others. I would have discussed the people we met along the way, fellow travelers as well as citizens of places we were scheduled to have visited. You know I would have sent wonderful pictures of all of our sights and for sure there would have been some animal photos to delight. Alas, there will be none of that because we have cancelled the trip.  Skip could not have traveled with an active attack of diverticulitis, but with the added attack of shingles, well that sealed our fate for now. We have been grounded. Your first question is did you insure. Oh yes, and it remains to be known what we will and will not get back. I am confident that our travel agent has that all under control. I will tell you that the airfare was not insured, so we will have a gazillion dollars credit on Delta. It was a long and expensive flight.  Just think of the many places Delta flies.

Since I have a brand new computer to write travel logs, I must now write them from Tarzana. You say where? I said Tarzana.  We live and play here. Allow me to give you a little history about Tarzana.  Tarzana is a district of Los Angeles. It is considered south San Fernando Valley.  Most of the residents live south of Ventura in the foothills of Santa Monica Mountains. We are located in this area. We are between Tampa Avenue and Reseda Boulevard. Our house sits on a bluff and we can see many mountainous areas, housing, streets, the Grapevine, to the north, shopping malls, coyotes, rabbits, quail, opossum, doves, hawks, many birds of a feather, an occasional deer and much further a field on a clear day.

North of Ventura Boulevard there is a smaller population that lives in apartment buildings and condos. For the residents of Tarzana, there is everything you want and need. You may need to leave the immediate area for some cultural events, but basically you can live, work, and play and have a good life here in Tarzana.  Some early history of Tarzana states that this area was once part of the San Fernando Mission. If you come to visit, the Mission is a nice field trip. I just learned that this area was full of wheat farms in the 1870’s.  In 1909 a company called Los Angeles Suburban Home Company purchased the area in and surrounding what was to be named Tarzana.  Otis, founder and publisher of the Los Angeles Times invested in the company, which owned the land that is Tarzana.  In 1909 Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author and creator of The Tarzan Stories, purchased land from Otis and built a large home and renamed the property Tarzana Ranch. Eventually Burroughs subdivided and sold land for residential development and the neighboring small farms were also converted to residential areas. You have begun to guess it. We have our home on a very small portion of the land that was the Tarzana Ranch, which was re-named Tarzana in honor of Burroughs and his famous literary character, TARZAN.  Edgar Rice Burroughs is the only resident who is buried on Ventura Boulevard in front of his office.

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