Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana, Day # 2

Travelogues from Tarzana Day # 2

Usually travelogue writers reach acclaim by traveling to the world’s remotest locations and writing about them.  Since as I mentioned before we are destined to stay in our present location for quite awhile, I did not want my writing skills to lie dormant, so I have elected to report from where I am, not where I planned to be.

They say Travel literature is travel writing of literary value and that this individual work is sometimes called a travelogue. It is true that a great portion of travel literature is not written on the spot and is fictionalized. Did you know that?

This is true, our scheduled plane to South Africa took off at 7:36 this morning and I am at the gas station at the corner of Van Alden and Ventura Blvd, mid Tarzana. On the ride down the hill I noticed the landscaping of the homes that line the way. I noted that the snapdragons, primroses and pansy’s are at their optimum beauty. They are straining to get the last of winter out of their lives and making way for Iceland Poppies, Calla Lilies, Dahlias, Shasta Daisy, Cannas, Gladiolus and the hundreds of Daylilies that have opened this morning only to be replaced tomorrow. The roses are in full bloom showing off their many colors.  People have recently taken to planting white roses, so there is the white color in abundance. It is a nice backdrop for the colors surrounding them.

In the hills of Tarzana, we have the chickweed, Popcorn Flower, Elderberry, Spanish Broom, Bermuda buttercup, White Sage, Yucca, Paint Brush, Prickly Phylox, Castor Bean and Golden Yarrow.  There are so many more wilds growing, but I can’t name them. This is a lovely time of year to be alive all over the world. Congratulations world.

By the way, Tarzana has a Jungle theme about it. Well, of course, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan speak to the theme. The city put big rocks in designated places along the sidewalks and called the part of Ventura Blvd. that runs through Tarzana, Safari Walk. They put animals of Africa on the lampposts and if you are not careful you will bump right into those big silly rocks and stub your toes.  When you drive though Tarzana, I guarantee you will miss the tiger, monkey and lion lampposts. You will wonder why there is such an elaborate amount of construction on Ventura Blvd where there will be a Whole Foods Store, Condos and many new stores, especially when you see many closed stores all around the area. You will be told that this construction was contracted over 10 years ago and no matter what the economy dictates now, that was not the way it was when contracts were bid and signed.

A new tidbit for your information: Edgar Rice Burrough’s mother is also buried on Ventura Blvd. Come to Tarzana and I will show you!! Thanks Deb.

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