Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana

I decided you still have to eat whether you are on an exotic trip or just at home in your exotic environment. I began my journey to the market. On the way to anywhere from our house you must go down the hill and there is no getting around passing a store called Ross Dress For Less. I thought stopping there would be like a little extra field trip in downtown Tarzana. I was right.

After shopping the store, I found a number of items to try on. Some of you may already know the drill. You hold your selected items out for the clerk to count them. She gives you a number to correspond with the number of items you have. Eight items is your limit. No more than 8 items and they are very strict. If you have more than eight items, you leave the extra ones in your shopping cart parked just outside of the dressing room. When you try on the ones you have taken into the dressing room, you can bring your number out, put the items you want in your cart, give the discarded ones to the counting clerk and take more in to try.  If you are finished and have no more items to try, you just continue with your cart to do more shopping or go to the check out stand. I found a great shirt and now with the events that followed it has become the best shirt I have ever found in my life. Why because it is gone. Yes, someone stole the shirt out of my cart when I was not looking. I know, I know there is a code of honor at Ross and it is that no one takes anything from anyone’s cart and no one has ever taken anything from me, but this time someone else thought it was the most perfect amazingly fantastic shirt in the world, too.

Why in heaven’s name am I telling you a story like this one and why am I explaining the honor system and the checking system in Ross? I will get to that in a few. I never made it to the market.

I went back this morning. Like I am really busy right?  Now, remember theoretically we are to be on an airplane or far, far away.  I guess I really wanted the shirt.  I could not get into the parking lot because of the weekend line up. Finally, I got into the parking lot. Yeah. Then, believe me when I tell you there were no parking spaces in the entire vicinity of the store. I drove around a little while and then thought to myself, this crowd is amazing. I have driven by this store for decades. There is always parking. Is this the sign of the economy? Is the Dress For Less logo really true? Yes it is. Does every one want to look for my stolen shirt? No, but everyone wants to get one just like it. I drove off into a sunset with God’s fingers dipping from the clouds, pointing in my direction telling me to count my blessings and go home to count all the shirts I have in my closets that I am not wearing and wear them.

I related this story so you will know the drill at Ross’ in case you want to Dress For Less; in case you haven’t been there before and want to go.

I still never got to the market.  “Tomorrow is another day.”

I have had some requests for information on the little house I featured yesterday. Yes, it is in Tarzana and yes, it is really for sale. I did some research for you: Go here: Look:

I do not profess to know anything about real estate, but I do think the house is very high priced for the area and for what is happening now with the financial world. I do know offering a very low-ball price is not harebrained. It is a sound move. When we first moved to Tarzana, we paid $57,500 for our home.  We looked at one on Viviana Dr. that was spectacular. It had a stable for horses, pool and cabana; endless exquisitely landscaped grounds and a high-ticket price. We just walked away with our heads in our hands. When we found out that it went for nearly 50,000 less than the asking price; we realized we could have done that and we learned a lesson. Offer what you want to pay. Wait. Don’t be afraid to wait. Negotiate. Those are lessons in life that come the hard way: Look, listen, offer and wait. Do it over and over again. Easier thought than done.

Someone mentioned the indiscretion of speaking about my brother in that way was not good. It was good for me.  I was not able to get a word in edgewise with him, so I got it out there the best way I know. Even though there are these discrepancies regarding our relationship, he can call me anytime and I will do whatever I can to help him and do whatever he needs, if I am able. He is after all, MY BROTHER.

Norman R says: ” I am a firm believer that all families are at some level dysfunctional and it sounds like yours is keeping the trend  moving.”

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