All Things British in “OH FANCY THAT”


Do you love all things British?  I do. For your information, we have a treasury of all things English here in Tarzana and this tribute to England is found waiting here for you in Oh Fancy That located at 18399 Ventura Blvd #11, Tarzana, CA 91356. When you call: 818 996-4405, ask for Jean, the owner.

When you walk into “Oh Fancy That” you are encouraged to pick up and take the Union Jack newspaper along with the British Weekly. The British radio is on for you to catch up on the news and all that is going on in Britain. Stepping inside of store # 11 you have crossed over into another country with no costly plane ride and your car is conveniently parked right outside.

New in the store, you will find, Lifeforce Irish Meuseli, Nescafe Cappuccino and five types of Pot Noodles. Enjoy Butter Toffee and dark chocolate dippers. Spend endless hours relaxing and enjoying Typhoo, Five Roses, Lyons and Tetley tea, How about Barry’s Fruitfields Marmalades, orange fine cut and Golden Shredless. Try Jacob’s Lemon Puff and Birds Rum Sauce, Weetabix, Vegemite, Marmite and indulge in Jelly Babies, Cadbury’s Crunchie, Flakes and Dairy Milk. You can select T-shirts, exquisite teapots and dainty English china teacups. Royal Wedding china will be coming into the shop momentarily.

Some of my favorites are the Robinsons drinks with barley water and Horlicks malt. I have enjoyed the Old English Scone mix, and have tasted every candy they carry and when I spot something new, I take it home to savor. I have purchased all sorts of cooking sauces that brighten up my meals. For example, Aahh! Bistro white sauce and parsley make such good starters. An all time favorite of mine are the McVities, especially the caramel and chocolate covered Digestives and Rich Tea Biscuits.

Once you taste some of these treasures you can’t do without them. You will create a taste for the little bits and pieces you find in this store and “Oh Fancy That” will become your retreat.  Careful now, once you enter, you will be hooked and have to come back time and time again.

It looks like I am trying to convert you into becoming an Anglophile; someone who greatly admires England or the English so, having an affliction of Anglophilla is a good thing. Go for it and visit Oh Fancy That, today!

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