Hope is a word when uttered gives you a break in the present time

Spoken as a wish for all future times.

It is a word that is uttered during cherished moments and

as well, for moments yet to come.

Living with hope in our daily lives we give positive energy into the air. Hope rises and melds into the atmosphere.

Hope gives us confidence that all will be well and that we will continue on a righteous path.

When combing your brain for an answer, most likely the word hope will give you several answers to choose from and all leading back to you.

Add the words wish and want to your hope and it gathers more strength.

If you are looking at the past tense of hope, turn around three times and change the word to the present tense and turn around three more times.

Are you starting to think this is crazy? Well, my friend, do it and tell me you do not feel full of hope. Yes, in that order. You may be a little off center for a moment after the circling and then, you are filled with a gleeful spirit.

Yes it is you who is filled with hope making you hopeful. Full of hope is having a clear strong sense of the future for you and yours.

By: Sheila Clapkin

What Gives You Hope, Joy, Laughter and Peace?

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Hope is a word that makes you want to listen. We listen to others who are sounding hopeless and give them our attention and some hopeful words. Their expressions change and you can read that change in their eyes. You chat, the two of you, each to go on your appointed ways when then you realize that not only the stranger gained from your hopeful chat, but you gained as well. Your steps are lighter, smiles stayed on your lips, longer, and you are left to wonder who you can chat with next.

Joy comes packaged inside the brain called the neo cortex, wrapped lightly in disappearing bands, holding the various lobes. This is a boiled down version, but you know how to activate joy by speaking lovely soliloquies to other person who will hear and take it to his or her neo cortex. We get it, yet practice makes it natural.x

You are hoping to work out a little experiment. The next encounter you make will seize and give confidence. The little petite lady who dyes her hair black emerges from the pharmacy scowling. She is definitely not happy. You go up to her and do a little old time jig. She lifts her eyes and dances with you. Certainly this was not expected. You both continue the laughing and end in laughter as well. She thanks you for the enjoyment of the moment and you thank her for yours. Off you both go to share a smile and the laughter elsewhere.

Peace has many and varied connotations. The one I refer to here may be the one you get from smelling the roses. Peace is freedom to enjoy and a lack of fear. Prayers for peace between nations are on record. Peace and peaceful negotiations between people and places on the earth are needed to be able to share our planet with all of its inhabitants. Love strong and share peaceful moments, as your love is the ingredient that glues all of the elements together


“Too Bad I wasn’t the ME I am now, 50 years ago”


“Too bad I wasn’t the Me, I am now, 50 years ago.” Elaine said.

I believed her, and then I looked into her beautiful face and thought if she were any better people would drop to their knees in the streets where she walks. I have considered, contemplated and pondered   her statement for months and have decided, she only half remembers 50 years ago.

Let’s look at this statement closer. If I attached this saying to my life 50 years ago, I would say I had the stay on power of a racehorse. Fifty years later, I have the same staying power, but that of an 18-year-old cat.

I could run circles around myself and accomplish the work of many women. Just me. Yes, true as it was, now I can go in circles not knowing which way I intended to go and when I got there would not remember why I came.

Fifty years ago, I wrote to the wind and thought my letters to friends and family, were the best. Oh these days of maturity and the adding of 50 years bring a new status to what one can and cannot write. Another words, I am now censored by age, and the freedom blowing in the wind is just not in sight as it was some 50 years ago.

Forty-seven years ago, I was pregnant and had 5 children in 4 1/2 years. The twins were the 4th and 5th babies. I just do not fancy being pregnant again, ever! But 50 years ago it was such a grand idea.

Old in calendar years, but in her prime is what the beautiful lady meant. I surely do get that, don’t you?

The “Me” fifty years ago had hopes and dreams etched in my brain. They did come true so they are gone from my thoughts replaced by hopes of other things such as will I get up to see another day? Did we think of death and illness half a century ago? We thought of the health and well being of our babies and here and there for our family members.

I was asked at a conversations party: Can you picture your death? What the… huh? Most answered with a resounding No. The sad part of this question for me is the answer is a resounding yes. I see the same dying scene over and over, so most times I choose not to look.

Fifty years ago I was not afraid of an approaching death, now I am terrified of all that I still have to do, and to endure to get there.

The me 50 years ago didn’t drink coffee. I felt motherly. I felt educated and 50 years later the world has run away with dreams and revelations I never imagined. 50 years ago I had mounds of hair, and now I am lucky to comb it so that the creaks and cracks cover my scalp.

My father wanted to make it to one hundred. He fell short, but he got a lot of good years in saying he was one hundred. He was not lying, my father never lied; he was just announcing hopefulness.

So in hindsight, and in looking ahead, we are the 50 year olds we were then, just 50 years older. In pondering this subject, I realize I am much the same, just physically becoming a bit ravaged and mentally certainly much more anxious than 50 years ago. When you analyze there has to have been much mental processing and physical endurance to get through fifty years. I know in the present scheme of things I do not have another 50 years even if I double them at the end. My hat is off to you if you have had the extra 50 years to deliberate and deliver. Let us grab onto the next fifty and not worry about the statistics. Let us continue on and beyond what was heretofore not promised to any of us.

Thank you for thinking out loud beautiful Elaine!


What Are We Without Our Memories?





Prize winning photo in Rick Steve’s photo contest!

In pondering this question I wish to ask my friends, but soon I realize I must answer it myself first. So here comes another ponder. First of all, my first thought in answering my own question is that without my memories, I would be perfect. I will have not have made any mistakes. Everyone in my life would be perfect, too.

I would perhaps have been a straight A+ student. Ha, my memories crash that idea. I would have had a perfectly perfect face, body, coloring, and I would have been the dancer I was meant to be. With no memories it can be true. If I have no memories, I can do things that delight me over an over again with no recollection that I have done them before.

In looking back, I have sacrificed many golden moments and have been hindered when I let my mind wander to what might have been and or what might come. Terror lives in what will be, not as much as what has been. Therefore, if there is no memory of either what has been or what is yet to come we will have no worries. How many of us have achieved not to worry? Raise your hands if you do not worry. I squint and see no hands.

Perhaps I would not worry about having a panic attack because I would not remember that I had any. I also would not remember anything I should panic over.If it should happen to descend upon me, it is what is in the present and will be gone for the future. Now in achieving this concept, I will be able to raise my hand. Do not hold your breath, any of you. I will not hold mine for you.

When something marvelous occurs, it to is here today and forever gone as you adopt living in the present.

If you do not dwell on past accomplishments or future responses,

you will work hard today and be in a realm of or a state of mastery.

In all of this conjuring up all of these memories vs. no memories, I come to realize that this is just an old tried and true concept. Living in the moment, living in the absolute present. Not dwelling on past failures and or accomplishments gives you the freedom to start your living in the present. You positively would not dream and plan for the future, but you would enjoy the moment you are living. You would be smiling because you will not be worrying about the future and or thinking about the past. You are living where your life is happening.

All of your past and your future are like illusions; they are not real and do not exist or live in an unsatisfactory life. You remain further and further into the present, which is merciful and kind.

As we age, the little by little of cognitive decline is a good and merciful status.

Now that is all said and done about living in the present and how good it is for you and me, I need my memories. All of them circle around constantly in a conscious or unconscious way and I need them to build my days. Yes, once in awhile for a bit of each day, I can consciously live in the moment and that to me becomes stagnant and I have to pull myself to the tasks at hand. I know you are going to think I am wishy-washy. Well, why not? What do you think? I probably deserve some slings and arrows. Hopefully you are not a good shot! Thanking you in advance.

Be Aware


My eyes have been opened and I am in awe of the process. The first eye opening process came from being very nearsighted.

I saw everything in magnifying glass dimensions. Everything was up close and personal. I was caught looking at another student’s paper during a test in the beginning of 4th grade. The teacher went ballistic on me. After her horrid diatribe, I had the wherewithal to tell her I could not see the board and I did not copy answers. I told her that I had my own answers, but I could not see the board, so I did have to copy the questions. This ended up after much hullabaloo with me seeing an optometrist and getting fitted for my first pair of GLASSES.  I thrived for the next segment of my life, but the nearsighted view of the world, put me into a self-centered arena. Being self-centered is where most people reside. You know what you see, you add what you hear, and you do what you do. For me, the self-centered existence has lingered for the longest time and been the most profound.

The next segment for me was the cocoon, the chrysalis, and the metamorphosis, which is “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.” This change was paramount to me. Becoming a nice, fairly well rounded, accomplished person, who has never stopped being nearsighted, is cherished.

Regarding the nearsightedness in human beings, I want you to know that what I love about myself is that I have been nearsighted all of my life and I love that view. Now that cataracts are just beginning to grow, some one of these days I will have to have cataract surgery. Then, you as well as I have to make a decision. Do you put in a nearsighted lens or a 20/20 lens, or wait until you are nearly blind with indecision. I want to be nearsighted. I can see the world in old dimensions. I can pick up the teeniest little bit of information and I can see the world, as a few others have been able to see it. How many of you can say you have seen the world under a microscope? You have no idea what you can see being nearsighted. It is like going around in your life here and there using a magnifying glass. That will/would be hard to give up wouldn’t you say?

Putting in a 20/20 vision lenses in my eyes to be used day and night, day in and day out, would cast my view in completely different vistas. I would not be able to go into my heretofore known world without help. So, I would be beholden to the nearness or handiness of a magnifying tool that my eyes have always done for me.

My friend C. says to get the 20/20 vision lens because when you are a really, really old lady, in a retirement or care facility, they will always be losing your glasses, so 20/20 will be helpful. Not having to look for your glasses everyday more than once or twice would be fantastic.

Heretofore, I have always been a nearsighted lifetime adventurer, a self centered one, and a morphed one will be a future decision, so I am going to, and hope you do, too, make the best of things as they are right NOW!




.flower mouth.

A simple thing is really an item that has been trimmed down only in your mind.

If something is uncomplicated in its totality, it has been beforehand stripped of its complications and made simple.

It is effortless in motion, yet has within its meaning, the complications that abound and the ability to complicate.

Why would you need to strip a thought, an item, an effort, a quality, or anything to make it simple?

Perhaps to allow it to guide others in a format they will be able to decipher.

When you give the beholder a more simplistic way to study, converse, you give the beholder easiness and an effortless way to continue to pursue a way to study and live in simplicity.



The Second Hand Hanukkah Party



I am having a Second Hand Hanukkah Party this year. Instead of bringing my vintage pre antique treasures to the Good Will, I have begun to put them on the dining room table and will allow guests to choose their vintage Hanukkah gifts. The youngest will go first and so on, round and round until the table is empty. I have decided to tell them that we put a hundred dollar bill in one of the gifts to add extra excitement to the gift giving.

So many people are downsizing and those two words stick in my craw. In downsizing, people cram their blessings from the past into cartons and bags and shed tears as they drop them off and get their coveted tax exemption receipt.

Now you may want to know how hard it is to give your treasures away. It might have had some difficulties years ago, but not today. They opened a Good Will down the street from us and we drop in on occasion. There are my things, or shall I say things like mine. Anytime I want a dish for graceful grapes, or a dish for dainty olives, or a platter for large meat dishes, or perhaps a scalloped dish for creamy veggies, or a dish for cheese and crackers, all I have to do is go down the street to the charity shop and for $ 2.99 I can buy something I may need. If I need a very dressy jacket, a sporty cashmere sweater, or a never worn crispy blouse, I can go and get one for a few dollars. I don’t need to worry yet, because my stuff still has stuff.

I did shop in the various stores where in the past I have purchased great gifts, but my mind turned to the drawers full of my treasures, soon to belong to others via the Second Hand Hanukkah gift share. I feel happy.


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