.flower mouth.

A simple thing is really an item that has been trimmed down only in your mind.

If something is uncomplicated in its totality, it has been beforehand stripped of its complications and made simple.

It is effortless in motion, yet has within its meaning, the complications that abound and the ability to complicate.

Why would you need to strip a thought, an item, an effort, a quality, or anything to make it simple?

Perhaps to allow it to guide others in a format they will be able to decipher.

When you give the beholder a more simplistic way to study, converse, you give the beholder easiness and an effortless way to continue to pursue a way to study and live in simplicity.



Why is this Morning Different From All Other Mornings?



This morning I sat, coffee in hand, with my chair facing our back yard, and on all other mornings I sit with coffee in hand and my chair facing the television watching the news.

I realize that when I have my back turned to the action, I miss the woodpecker pecking a hole in the closest of three hollow trees on the bluff. I wonder at his/her pecking and tried to count the number of pecks per minute. I lost count. With my chair facing the yard and all of its inhabitants, I see the clarity of the bluff in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains and further the Santa Suzana’s softly displaying the tiny snow cap of Oak Mountain Peak far in the distance.

My objective this afternoon is to tell you of the wonders of this morning sitting in the turned chair looking into a seemingly empty landscape. There is a tiny snail inching along millimeter by millimeter leaving its gelatinous stain, the squirrel scampering across the patio is so energetic, the tiny bird is pecking at something nutritious on the newly swept concrete, the mating birds on the lawn leading to the hill are enjoying circling each other, and the sun kissed hill and all of its ground cover revealed nearly undistinguishable fluttering. When watched more closely, there revealed, were many and varied species of birds devouring the newly sprouted buds. Several pair of quail came strutting along the bluff line. I know what they are doing! They will have baby chicks to show us later in the spring. One year we counted twenty-eight quail, including chicks and parents.

In order to gain an added entrance into this world, I opened the sliding glass door in front of my turned chair and was further entertained by sounds and smells of our backyard. Hearing the woodpecker loudly and clearly gave me the realization that this bird must have a special built in brain protection against concussions.

This lovely scene must go on every morning and I think how I have missed all of it for years by just the turn of my chair. Certainly more often than not, you will find my chair turned, coffee in hand, because the real action is not coming from the inanimate box streaming the reality of others, it comes from my backyard, and yours. If you have a balcony, go out every day and see your reality. Just turn your chair in any new direction and report back what you see that you have heretofore, not seen.





Okay kid, you don’t always have to let them know it is you. You don’t have to always use I to tell the story. You don’t have to insert yourself into the photograph, give the reader a break. Put it back on them, they can take it.

So you want to be a free spirit, well who doesn’t?  Celebrate the freedom of spirit. Take a walk outside of the box. You don’t have to tell them you are doing it, make them think they are. Now, evict boundaries, expansion is what you want to know.  Expanding opens the door to limitless possibilities.  Possibilities that are limitless sound so enticing, but in reality you will find many roadblocks on your quest for the limitless highway. You can incorporate adjacent possibilities and embark upon your journey by: taking a class, looking for employment, or new employment, changing a relationship full of limitations, or simply expanding your horizons by gathering new experiences.  It is a journey and only you can take it.

Okay kid, how did you get on this subject? You stopped talking about yourself and now you are talking to yourself.  You have banished your self-imposed barriers and began to see there is nothing you cannot do or create. Talking to yourself, not about yourself has unlocked a newborn awareness of how limitless you truly are.  Here we go, this is your new sense of spiritual freedom, this is your turn to shine.

So you want to know what to do with this freedom?  It is your journey so enjoy choosing.

Okay kid, I heard you.  You want me to know that real freedom of spirit is not all in the choices we make, it also has to do with freeing oneself from one’s internal demons or negativity. Everyone wants to be free. No one likes feeling trapped physically or emotionally.  Freedom is just a word, but means sit up, speak up; be heard and don’t stop until you can live as you choose and not under anything unpleasant or unwanted. Okay kid, you say hold up here a moment, it is not that easy.  Who said easy, we mean freedom of spirit and that will be defined and determined by each individual as they see it. Okay kid, you have made your point and you did not have to say I one single time. Thank you.

There Is a Shadow in My Mind’s Eye

There is a shadow in my mind’s eye that is always and has always been there.  Sunshine or darkness makes no difference except to change the shape and perhaps the meaning. Do shadows forecast shade and define limits, foresee the future, illuminate the present, help us flashback, re-do, redefine, and recount? Is the shade of the shadow defining limits, showing the obscure side, a protection, a security, and a final place of shelter? Could this shadow of mine be a spirit, a phantom who attends me and is my inseparable companion?  I know that it is only a small part of me, a faint representation, and a reflected image.

Before you deem me unstable in my thinking, let me add that you have a shadow, too. Oh yes you do. Yours may or may not have been examined by you. It may be something you have been unaware of or perhaps small glimpses of it have peered through.  I can’t see your shadow or transfer into your meaning because I am so emotionally wound up and tied into my own, but I think it wise indeed to follow the shadow probability and make the best of it. Remember you have a shadow, whether it is illuminated or not.  You are not alone, in a good way.

We can learn to tame our shadows or let them run wild. Instead of calling it trash talk when we step out of line, we can call it shadow talk and tame it. It is up to you to accept a shadow or scrap it. Why did I bring up the shadow effect? Only to re-examine mine and I wanted you to have a look into yours.

I am constantly giving away my worries and insecurities by letting the shadow talk.  I want to slap it down, but it leaks out.  This belief allows me to shrink from the responsibility of something in and of myself if I don’t approve. Is it possible that this shadow has an ego that gets mixed up with mine?  Perhaps you might say, there is no shadow at all and it is just me or you trying to make the best meaning out of living and getting the best shot at it.

I have come to realize that my shadow is full of fear, dread and trepidations for some of the dark days to come as stated in Ecclesiastes.  Finally realizing the meaning of there is a time and season for everything has been helpful. As far as the shadow knows, there are two kinds of fear, one is the outside force and then, there are the ones that linger on the inside.

In order to satisfy the outside demons, I learned I couldn’t control others, so I can only play it safe by, keeping observant, and following my rules.  The inside shadowed demons are quite another story. They stem from a lifetime of piled on uncertainties, worries, accusations, suspicions, doubts and qualms about past, present and most certainly the future. So, I realized that if I change the frames and put the inside shadow on the outside and the one on the outside on the inside, I might hopefully have a vantage point with a new perspective and vision. In this altered state, I began to examine each new and varied form of the shadows. It is like seeing a fast running movie of myself frame by frame.  No I am NOT in a chemically altered state, just one of contemplation. In changing the shadow positions, I made references to reflections never reflected upon in their old respective positions. The change of attitude in viewing inside verses outside shadows gave new dimensions, new avenues to travel, new hope that the inevitable changes will hold benefits and life altering settlements with the pain and fear of what heretofore has been unknown.