Okay kid, you don’t always have to let them know it is you. You don’t have to always use I to tell the story. You don’t have to insert yourself into the photograph, give the reader a break. Put it back on them, they can take it.

So you want to be a free spirit, well who doesn’t?  Celebrate the freedom of spirit. Take a walk outside of the box. You don’t have to tell them you are doing it, make them think they are. Now, evict boundaries, expansion is what you want to know.  Expanding opens the door to limitless possibilities.  Possibilities that are limitless sound so enticing, but in reality you will find many roadblocks on your quest for the limitless highway. You can incorporate adjacent possibilities and embark upon your journey by: taking a class, looking for employment, or new employment, changing a relationship full of limitations, or simply expanding your horizons by gathering new experiences.  It is a journey and only you can take it.

Okay kid, how did you get on this subject? You stopped talking about yourself and now you are talking to yourself.  You have banished your self-imposed barriers and began to see there is nothing you cannot do or create. Talking to yourself, not about yourself has unlocked a newborn awareness of how limitless you truly are.  Here we go, this is your new sense of spiritual freedom, this is your turn to shine.

So you want to know what to do with this freedom?  It is your journey so enjoy choosing.

Okay kid, I heard you.  You want me to know that real freedom of spirit is not all in the choices we make, it also has to do with freeing oneself from one’s internal demons or negativity. Everyone wants to be free. No one likes feeling trapped physically or emotionally.  Freedom is just a word, but means sit up, speak up; be heard and don’t stop until you can live as you choose and not under anything unpleasant or unwanted. Okay kid, you say hold up here a moment, it is not that easy.  Who said easy, we mean freedom of spirit and that will be defined and determined by each individual as they see it. Okay kid, you have made your point and you did not have to say I one single time. Thank you.