Today’s Bits and Pieces: Blanky Farms Chicken

Dec. 29, 2008

Dear Blanky Farms Consumer Affairs, (name Blanky protects the brand name in question)

I am busy, just like you. I do not want to write this letter, but I can’t sleep at night for wanting you to know how I feel and how worried I am about your chicken product.

I am a very long time consumer of your products. I have 5 children and we do eat a lot of chicken.  Lately, I have purchased Blanky Farms chicken and it is tough.(more than once this past month) It does not cook properly and it looks wrong and it tastes wrong.  When you have cooked chicken for so many years, you know when something just is not right.  True, I do not go to the same market all of the time and do buy Blanky Farms product from different markets, but the product name is there and the product should be the same.  I do not buy off brand chickens because of the tough, wrong tasting, wrong texture I have been experiencing with your chickens lately. More

Bits and Pieces: Amending the Zoning Designation

To: The Huntington Park City Council
Ofelia Hernandez, Mayor

From: SheilaClapkin, President, Jos. Levin Realty Corp. of L.A.

Re: Amending The Zoning Designation from Industrial/Manufacturing to General

Huntington Park is my Hometown. I was born, raised and educated here. My family has been in business in Huntington Park for sixty-nine years in pretty much the same spot. We built new buildings on the corner of Soto and Slauson fifteen years ago to the specifications set by the city of Huntington Park. Our buildings made a significant improvement to that corner in appearance as well as the use of this prominent corner.
We have been able to successfully rent all of our units during these years. Now you want to make changes that will impact and perhaps destroy our present Industrial/Manufacturing complex. You will hinder our abilities to rent and do business in Huntington Park. We do not want you to do this rezoning to General Commercial.
Have you looked at Pacific Boulevard in order to revitalize and enhance its commercial capabilities? In the northern sections, there are blocks on that street that if revitalized would add to the drama that has always been part of the Boulevard. It is already a built in commercial district. Why do you want to go after us, the little guys that have served this community for going on three fourths of a century? Why just these few blocks, I ask you and not Pacific Boulevard which is already commercial? Why not a revitalization,, rather than a destruction and obliteration of what is already working well and serving our community in its Industrial/Manufacturing needs?
Sincerely Yours,

Sheila Clapkin
President, Jos. Levin Realty Corp. of L.A.

Bits and Pieces: I Don’t Fit Under The Bed Anymore

Dear Colby: This is your story.
Once upon a time there was a little boy who used to love to crawl under his mom and dad’s bed. He loved seeing the things that were deposited there by the dog or the cat. He used to think it was a dark cave where he could see all kinds of strange animals and fierce people with long hair and some beards.

He used to think that under the bed there lived a world that no one else ever saw or even knew about. He saw castles, kings, queens and his favorite friend was a prince named Joel. Every day he and Joel would meet under the bed and have a long journey. The mom could not understand why the little boy was always so tired everyday. How could he explain his daily journey into a world no one ever knew or would believe? So he didn’t say anything for many years. More

Bits and Pieces: Thank You!

July 30, 2008

Dear Tarzana Fireman,

I want to thank you for saving my life last Monday night. We could not make it to the hospital because it was during high traffic hours and the last thing I remember saying was, “ Take me to the Fire Station.” It worked.
I have searched the English Language for words to better describe thank you and I cannot find any others. So, I thank you.

For nearly forty years I have driven by your station with respect. Now and forever, I will drive by with reverence, love, admiration and great appreciation.

I have put together some items for you that represent some of my favorite things to eat. I hope some of them are yours as well, or perhaps they will become a favorite. I have also enclosed several copies of my most recently published book, which by the way just won an award.

I thought this would be an easy letter to write, but it is the hardest. I do want to say that I was not and am not done with my life and want to continue in the realm of service and a lot of paying back. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue with my work and in the last few days I have looked at the world differently. It is so much brighter, more beautiful that ever, people are more understandable and it is as if a crystalline wall has been lifted. I am grateful, thankful and indebted to all of you.

Sincerely with respect and gratitude,

Sheila Clapkin

Today’s Bits and Pieces: A-16 Customer Service

Dear Customer Service at the Adventure 16 Stores,

I went into our neighborhood A-16 Store as I have for many years. It is located in beautiful downtown Tarzana. It gave me my start many years ago in travel gear and I am semi-famous for my travel style.
I came home today after a very disheartening experience with my hunt in your store for the perfect pair of travel pants for our up coming travel event.

Harry’s Reply to Teacher You Don’t Like Me Very Much. An earlier post.

Hey Sheila,

This is a great article, it reminds me a lot of my own experiences and the things I saw while I was at school. Look, I really dont understand why some teachers dont give students a chance to be good in class, or do good on a test and most importantly just be a good student.
Coming from my own experiences, I started to like studying and school in general once I found out that I have the potential to be a good student.

I feel that teachers aren’t ready to deal with kids that are hyper. Dude, they are kids, you cant expect them to act like machines. That’s what teachers want these days; they want their students to be submissive robots who follow rules and directions. However, thats not what our world needs today. We need people who are ready to make changes in our society.



Dear Mrs. Clapkin,

My name is Hamid B. I was a student of yours at Calvert Elementary. You might know me better as “Harry”. I just wanted to thank you for all your help when I was in your class. I am now finishing up my Bachelors at UCLA and have also applied to dental school. I just came back from an interview at Harvard; and was thinking to myself that I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t do what you did for me. Although I didn’t change much as a youngster, I did remember everything you taught me later on. Thank for everything. Please let me know if you remember me.

Hamid B.

Hey, Harry,

I just got home and found your wonderful message. Do I remember you?

Absolutely, I DO. I even remember some of the lessons you learned. In teaching them, I learned them all over again. More

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