Bits and Pieces: Thank You!

July 30, 2008

Dear Tarzana Fireman,

I want to thank you for saving my life last Monday night. We could not make it to the hospital because it was during high traffic hours and the last thing I remember saying was, “ Take me to the Fire Station.” It worked.
I have searched the English Language for words to better describe thank you and I cannot find any others. So, I thank you.

For nearly forty years I have driven by your station with respect. Now and forever, I will drive by with reverence, love, admiration and great appreciation.

I have put together some items for you that represent some of my favorite things to eat. I hope some of them are yours as well, or perhaps they will become a favorite. I have also enclosed several copies of my most recently published book, which by the way just won an award.

I thought this would be an easy letter to write, but it is the hardest. I do want to say that I was not and am not done with my life and want to continue in the realm of service and a lot of paying back. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue with my work and in the last few days I have looked at the world differently. It is so much brighter, more beautiful that ever, people are more understandable and it is as if a crystalline wall has been lifted. I am grateful, thankful and indebted to all of you.

Sincerely with respect and gratitude,

Sheila Clapkin

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