Today’s Bits and Pieces: A Beginning

This is a story I would like to finish, but am stuck on the lessons they/you will learn. Read the attached story and then, please contact me with a good lesson you have learned and I will add it to the story. The most recent lesson was told to me this morning. An aging beauty queen had a date with an aging leading man. He finally kissed her and she said it was a kiss you give to your child. A quickie peckish kind of thing. Her lesson was that if the kiss does not send you and the spark is not there, it is over until something else worthwhile surfaces.

Here is the beginning of the story:
What are the Lessons of Forest Gnomes?

I opened the back door and found small footprints in the sand. The wind immediately blew and covered them so quickly that I only have my memory of them. What were they doing at my back door? Who made them? Why were they covered up so quickly? Was there some sort of message they were delivering? How can I begin to find out?

In my mind, I began imagining about those small footprints and how they disappeared almost as fast as I saw them. The next morning I opened the door just as I had done the morning before and the small footprints were there. They were there in the same way and the wind blew exactly at the same moment I saw the little prints. They were gone almost before I had time to remember them. Was this my dream? Was this my imagination? Were the footprints real? How did they get there? Who would be so tiny as to leave such prints?

On the third morning there was a note left through the little crack between the floor and the ending of the door. It was written on the bark of the tree in our back woods. It said:

You who have seen our footprints will be given a party at dusk. Please follow the pebbles, hard pieces of moss and pine needles leading the way to the tree that shines brightly just before the sun leaves the horizon. You will visit us and someone like you will see that there are many things to be discovered with us. You will stay until daybreak, the dawning and then you will be led back to your home with new understandings of the forest and the gnomes that live here. Do not be afraid. You may bring Mega and Pixel. They are very welcome to come our party. Certain dogs will not be allowed, but yours are welcome. They are not afraid. They will be your guides. Remember, before the sun goes down and before the dawning will be the main guest at our party and the lessons you learn, you can tell the world.

In the days preceding the gnome party invitation, many things happened at home. My broom was missing from the cabinet and all of the spoons were out of my silverware drawer and put in corners of my house. The wood on the furniture became polished and shone as brightly as a mirror…………….

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