Bits and Pieces: Stop the Harassment

The Benny Hinn Ministries have been hounding me and I call it harassment. They call about three or four times a week. When you answer the phone there is an elongated taped message. I am by no means opposed to the ministries, just opposed to harassment.

I called the phone company to ask if they would block the ministries phone number and they said it is a 6 dollar a month charge to block that number. I said that I pay a fortune already for your service and I want you to protect me. So, the operator reluctantly said she thought she would listen to the tape to see if she can help in another way. She asked me to hold on.

The operator came back on the line and said she listened to the tape. She also said there was a number the ministries give you to call at the end of the tape to set up an appointment. I took the number down and put it in my top right kitchen drawer, my catchall drawer.

So, Benny Hinn called again today and this time I listened. Sure enough they gave a number where I could reach them. I called the number. I begged the lady to stop calling my number and to take my name and number off of their calling lists. She asked if I was Alberta Hercules. I said, “No but that is our cleaning lady.” Now I know how they got my name in the first place. I said again, “ You HAVE to stop calling here. She was very polite throughout our conversation and said she would take my number off, but I had to tell her my name. So I did. I said, “My name is Mrs. Hinn.” She stuttered and was silent and then said, “Well, Mrs. Hinn, will you give me your address?” I said, “Which one do you have listed?” She gave me an address downtown L.A. I said, “Fine, that’s it.” I thought to myself, am not about to give her my name and address as I imagined the printed parade of Benny Hinn paperwork coming into my mailbox. The woman on the phone at the Benny Hinn Ministries finally ended with, “Have a Nice day Mrs. Hinn” I haven’t stopped laughing, but time will tell if they stop the harassment.

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