The Not So Ancient Pot


There are much older pots than this one. There are some from almost before humans began to evolve, but this is the oldest one in my kitchen and it has served me for nearly 50 years. I know fifty years is not a long time, not really, but to me it is a lot of cooking, a lot of eating and a lot of pot washing.

See how the pot still shines? It still shines because I was taught to wash and clean your cooking utensils as if they were golden rather than stainless steel. I was taught that a good cooking utensil is as important as a good cook. More

Dear Granddaughter #1,

Dear Granddaughter #1,

I think it is time for another Grandma letter.  This is an important one to me because I have so many ideas to tell. I hope you are well and comfortable with all that is going on in your world and the worlds around you.

First of all, when I call you, please sound a little joyful. Even if you do not think I am the greatest, make me think you think I am and make me think you are glad to hear from me. Why not? What does a little cheerful sound and a lovely lilt to your voice cost you? Nothing. It is also good practice.  Sounding cheerful always gives the person on the other end of your conversation a good, happy, feeling. I know you are not responsible for the way others feel, but you are responsible to be cheerful as much of the time as humanly possible. It is good for your electrolytes. It is something good.

Today’s Bits and Pieces: A-16’s Cooperation and Kindly Responses

The A-16 clothes size (14-16) issue is being solved. I received return emails from the managers, and the buyer for the stores.

They really do want to make their customers happy. They have been notified by me that I will be in there at the end of next week and to please have sizes I can wear and I mentioned I was bringing some friends ranging from 12-16 in sizes.

They want me to call them and tell them what to truck in, but I don’t know what to ask for, so I said, please just have some cute, up to date in style, travel pants in the sizes requested. I thanked them in advance.

I am reporting to you that they are very obliging and helpful.

Today’s Bits and Pieces: A-16 Customer Service

Dear Customer Service at the Adventure 16 Stores,

I went into our neighborhood A-16 Store as I have for many years. It is located in beautiful downtown Tarzana. It gave me my start many years ago in travel gear and I am semi-famous for my travel style.
I came home today after a very disheartening experience with my hunt in your store for the perfect pair of travel pants for our up coming travel event.