Today’s Bits and Pieces: A-16 Customer Service

Dear Customer Service at the Adventure 16 Stores,

I went into our neighborhood A-16 Store as I have for many years. It is located in beautiful downtown Tarzana. It gave me my start many years ago in travel gear and I am semi-famous for my travel style.
I came home today after a very disheartening experience with my hunt in your store for the perfect pair of travel pants for our up coming travel event.

Low and behold, folks, you DO NOT have a size 14 in your entire store. There are none anywhere even in the back room. I am unable with the passing of years to fit into the size 12’s, which by the way are cut much smaller than in the past. Did you know that if they take off an inch or two on each pair of pants, within a short while they could add an extra pair of pants to their line?

Well, what a shame that you cannot service me, or anyone like me. You have plenty of size 4’s, 6’s and even one or two 12’s, but alas NO 14’s. I am not fat or even big. I just have rounded out a bit and what with the cutting of an inch or so on each size I have been cut out of the equation. My next letter goes straight to the newspapers. What a story. I will jazz it up a bit for them and make it pretty funny, but with a hollow sad sound. With all that the world is facing and my friends and neighbors face each day, I guess this is really no big deal, but really it is a sad deal for me and one I must face alone. That is why I am writing to you. So you don’t like big people and in no way do you want a FAT person to go to your store. Oh dear, this spells prejudice to me.

I have purses, hats, shoes, travel cubes, water bottles, water purifying systems, shirts, fleece jackets and sweatshirts from your store, but alas, you have no pants for the likes of me. What humiliation and a dishonor that you have nothing for me after so many years of loyalty to you.

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