Dear Granddaughter #1,

Dear Granddaughter #1,

I think it is time for another Grandma letter.  This is an important one to me because I have so many ideas to tell. I hope you are well and comfortable with all that is going on in your world and the worlds around you.

First of all, when I call you, please sound a little joyful. Even if you do not think I am the greatest, make me think you think I am and make me think you are glad to hear from me. Why not? What does a little cheerful sound and a lovely lilt to your voice cost you? Nothing. It is also good practice.  Sounding cheerful always gives the person on the other end of your conversation a good, happy, feeling. I know you are not responsible for the way others feel, but you are responsible to be cheerful as much of the time as humanly possible. It is good for your electrolytes. It is something good.

Next, sometimes you need to put yourself out there in a positive way. Even if you for instance hate math, well, so what, who cares, you still have to do it and if your attitude changes to happy and positive, you will be surprised how easy it will become. You seem and sound like you are working against yourself.  Oh, how do I know this?  Well, baby I have been there. Lots of people have been there and have changed.  How would you know about the workings and the gifts of a positive attitude unless someone cares enough to tell you? You wouldn’t, so I care enough to tell you. Do you care enough to listen, internalize it and become a transformed positive attitude person?  Oh yeah, it might make you look geeky with your friends if you say something positive.  No, it will not make you any less, it will only strengthen you, change you and make you a better functioning person. It might even help someone else who is on the bottom, trying really hard to swim to the top for air. It is not cool to hate this and that and have things suck and be down and grumpy.

Remember, Dorothy Parker said, “I only smile when I am lying” Another words, even when the world deals a card or cards you don’t like, smile.  Dang, lady, try it. Smiles cover miles and miles of territory.

Think of things you can give to others in conversation and good helpful deeds. Look around, you have a good life surrounded by lots of people who care and want your happiness. Did you forget about those out there who make it everyday with a lot less smarts and a lot less love than YOU!  No one wants to hear shit. No one.

When you get out there and you are doing the cheerful, positive thing, let me know of your successes.  I know, it all will not fall in place all at once, but you have a much better chance if you are looking at things from the sunny side. You will notice little things at first, and then, with a smile and a positive approach, everyone will notice the change, even before you do. If you believe me, and you do, do it.

Try first with Math, and school.  One thing you have forgotten, and it is that everyone out there your age is struggling. Whatever their poo poo is, it is different from yours, but the answer is the same. Never put your head down and or look away. Face it all head on. Do your best. Do not be frightened away by a big task; chip it off little by little. You do not stuff the whole ice cream cone in your mouth at once. You gently lick away. That is what I mean.

Anyhow, I would like you to call once in awhile. When I call, be cheerful and add a dimension to the conversation. Tell me something.  BE as positive as you can. Be all you can in the moment. Things are worth the struggle.



Someone who cares.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pat
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 10:25:43

    Loved the “Dear Granddaughter” post. It is oh so true!


  2. phil
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 18:39:27

    The grandma mail should be sent to most teen girls…all are struggling with tons of self doubt and often self loathing and it shows in so many ways…i know this child is loved beyond measure and hope she is able to return it to those who love her someday…love to you and your sweet family


  3. Dixie
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 10:02:06

    Enjoyed this so much. Love to see pictures of your children. Gorgeous, every one. Your “grands” are fortunate to have a grand grandmother like you.


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