Harry’s Reply to Teacher You Don’t Like Me Very Much. An earlier post.

Hey Sheila,

This is a great article, it reminds me a lot of my own experiences and the things I saw while I was at school. Look, I really dont understand why some teachers dont give students a chance to be good in class, or do good on a test and most importantly just be a good student.
Coming from my own experiences, I started to like studying and school in general once I found out that I have the potential to be a good student.

I feel that teachers aren’t ready to deal with kids that are hyper. Dude, they are kids, you cant expect them to act like machines. That’s what teachers want these days; they want their students to be submissive robots who follow rules and directions. However, thats not what our world needs today. We need people who are ready to make changes in our society.


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  1. Tyla
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 11:06:55

    truely said. totally agree. =]


  2. jef
    Feb 08, 2008 @ 23:22:14

    As a teacher, I always hope that I have a positive impact on my students. Very much so as when I remember my first grade teacher, Miss Heinean, with love and kindness, (I still have the bat worker badge she gave me) or my second and (lucky me) fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Murphy as she shared stories of her children and family. That was 40 years ago, and their images are forever emblazed in my happiness memory. Did they teach me academics? Yes, of course, but I would have learned them anyways. That is not my memory as much as the kindness and compassion that they showed every day, not just to me, but to every boy and girl in the class. In my eyes, we were all favorites. So wonderful to be a child.

    Now, as a teacher, I also am aware of how my superiors have an impact on me. Even though I put up a good fight, like a poor teacher, a poor administrator can affect a good teacher. Let’s hope we can survive it.


  3. Sheila: Back to jef
    Feb 09, 2008 @ 13:27:10

    My last year teaching, they actually put a spy in the room for 45 minutes every morning for 6 weeks. They know that I am a very creative person and thought that I may not be performing their tasks on the most boring reading program in the world. Open Court. Finally, the spy came clean and we had a good laugh. She decided not to tell the administrators the pages and stages I was into, so, they moved her to another classroom. I decided then, lucky me, I had enough years to retire and they could not pay me enough to take the abuse. When the spy thing did not work, the principal wrote me up on some things that I did not recall ever occurring. She said the mere fact that I did not recall meant I was lying. Outta there. Right? If you can’t get out, just love what you are doing and go into the den of horrors with a smile on your face. A smile is a great deceiver.

    So, I know full well what you are saying about teacher abuse first hand. They worry about child abuse and even if you hug a kid you are at fault. Heaven help us. Thanks again for writing and hopefully gathering more responses to this horrid treatment throughout our nation’s schools from the itty bitty Kindergarten child all the way up the ladder.


  4. sheila again,
    Feb 11, 2008 @ 13:37:49

    Last year when I gave the final National Exam, my classroom was raided. The two intimidating and exceedingly large academic coaches came into my classroom to rip down anything that would give these little children an unfair advantage regarding the upcoming exam. As they began to rip down the children’s beautiful work, the eyes of these children became wide open with terror and they began to cry. I calmed them and told them we would put it all back up again. When these two giants ripped down the words to God Bless America and The Star Spangled Banner, the shocked and petrified children began to sing the words to these songs. Now, it was my turn to cry. They sang the words over and over again until the intrusion was over. When people are humiliated and terrified, they do begin to sing. I have seen it in documentaries and movies of all nature and it always has the same effect, tears.

    This constitutes teacher as well as student abuse. I have been talking with teachers and many of them have suffered abuse. We do not allow teachers to abuse their students, so then, I am asking why do we allow our teachers to be disrespected and abused by our lofty administrators. Please jot down a response. You do not have to use your real name if you are afraid of retaliation. I understand.


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