Dear Mrs. Clapkin,

My name is Hamid B. I was a student of yours at Calvert Elementary. You might know me better as “Harry”. I just wanted to thank you for all your help when I was in your class. I am now finishing up my Bachelors at UCLA and have also applied to dental school. I just came back from an interview at Harvard; and was thinking to myself that I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t do what you did for me. Although I didn’t change much as a youngster, I did remember everything you taught me later on. Thank for everything. Please let me know if you remember me.

Hamid B.

Hey, Harry,

I just got home and found your wonderful message. Do I remember you?

Absolutely, I DO. I even remember some of the lessons you learned. In teaching them, I learned them all over again. I am very proud of you. I knew you were listening. I just knew it and see, it did serve you well. Not everyone listened or used the lessons they learned along the way to help them, but I am so glad you did. Now that we have made contact, I want you to keep in touch and I will keep in touch with you. Say hello to your family.

I am retired, but I am working on my own things and my own life’s dream. I wrote a book. Writing it was the easy part, the editing and the re-writing was the hard part and made me crazy, still is. I keep finding errors no matter how many times I go over it.

I am proud of you Hamid/Harry. You know I called you Harry to get your attention and it worked. I really am thrilled you are doing so well and keep up the strong effort.

One great thing you did for me was to tell me about what is happening with you and let me tell you back what is happening with me. Harvard? Gosh I hope so, but whatever you decide, it will be right. You know, I went to UCLA.

Sincerely and with respect,
Sheila Clapkin
You can call me Sheila if I can call you Harry.

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  1. Suellen Phillips
    Jan 14, 2008 @ 17:24:24

    Being a teacher also this note makes me cry. I often wonder how my students are doing. A special thanks to Harry for getting in touch with you Sheila and expressing his appreciation. It makes all those tired days after school worth every minute of it.


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