Today’s Bits and Pieces: A Yeast Rash Cure, if you are willing to try it.

I had a terrible rash break out on my face. It is about the 10th time it has happened. I cream it, alcohol it, and Hydrogen Peroxide it and it lingers. It dries and becomes alligator skin. There is no hiding; it is on my FACE.

I went to a very top, top specialist in the field of Dermatology. Even though I belong to the prestigious network of physicians and services called Kaiser, I went privately for this persistent, ugly and annoying problem. I have had this diagnosed and treated by my prestigious network as well as privately, but this new high class private specialist said it is a type of yeast rash. I acted stunned and horrified. This was a very new diagnosis for me. She said, “People all have yeast inside and out side of their bodies and it sometimes breaks out in various rashes, itches and just a myriad of other problems.” She prescribe several different types of medications. One was $150 dollars and burned like fire. It wasn’t working much.  Then, I got a cream for $515.00. You read that right and remember now I am OUT of network on this.  Plus, I received several samples of other medications in case the others did not do the trick.  I tried them all and I was still plagued.

In trying to figure out a way to help myself, I remembered the doctor saying YEAST.  I looked into the drawer holding my arsenal of drugs and creams, and staring out at me was a  3 day cure pack, which states it cures most vaginal yeast infections. Don’t be disgusting I said to myself as I slathered on that 3 day anti-fungal cream cure on my face, neck and ears for the full 3 days and more for good measure. It worked and is a fraction of the price I paid for those fancy creams. Now, men, I have to assure you, I have had men try this wonderful cure and it cured their red, blotchy faces, their itchy ears and other problems in 3 days as well. True the package says vaginal cream, and you fellows have no vaginas, but you have yeast infections on your face, hands and perhaps feet, also who knows where else. If you have itchy ears, vaginal anti-fungal cream will have gone. Try it, and now tell me any of you what do you have to loose?  Well, I will tell you, about $10.95 plus tax. Be aware that it will work. Get the kind that has the cream separately from the applicators. Good luck.

P.S. Go online to see what cures there are for this kind of yeast rash and you won’t find any that work.

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