Today’s Bits and Pieces: The Friendship Luncheon

You know we have started a ladies luncheon group and it started with about 18 ladies who did not know each other at all. Many were hesitant and nervous about it, but came anyway. The ladies sparkled throughout the afternoon and many lively conversations ensued.

Now, it is time for another get together luncheon. No one has said, “No.” (Yet) The concept is a good one. We have a name and it is The Friendship Luncheon. So much has happened since the first luncheon; a husband passed; two ladies have hooked up to go to plays together; dinner engagements and friendships outside the circle have sprung up. One granddaughter and another’s grandson have been introduced. It is all so very interesting.  One lady expressed that it was nice to come somewhere where they aren’t asking for money and force you to listen to a guest speaker. She is right.

Our next luncheon engagement is December 13th. Please come.

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