Today’s Bits and Pieces: Beginning to Feel a Little Older

Okay, I feel a little old now. Not my body parts, not my mind and not anything monumental. No not at all.  It is just that I spent the day going to the bank. Well, two banks.  I took money from one account to deposit it in another bank giving higher interest. My father did that; Skip does that, not me.  Well, yes, me.  The first bank was the withdrawal bank, strictly business, but the business took 45 minutes or so.  Then, we took the long drive to get to the other bank with higher interest.  We parked and went into the new bank. Oh my goodness, they had freshly baked cookies. I’m on a diet. That was before I came in the door and after I left. Both the chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin is the best melt in your mouth kind of cookie you can get. Well, I do digress from business, but so did they. They offered us two kinds of calendars, the nice, very nice kind.  Now, I had to pinch myself to remember I am in a BANK.

Our turn arrived; we were ushered into a special corner and given such kind attention. Then, I began to think, why of course they gave kind attention, I am bringing them money. This is what this is all about. We deposited and then the gifts started to come out of the drawers and out of the cupboards. Now this is good. I would have been happy with just the highest interest in town and the COOKIES.

After our morning in banks we went out to lunch. Yes, I saw a movie star, but it did take several minutes to recognize him and place him in the series on T.V. where he is starring. No I am not going to mention his name because I can’t remember it. After lunch, we stashed our gifts and took the long ride home. This is where I think I began feeling old.

When you get off on banking, run around getting the best interest, have luncheon out, see movie stars and get off on a day like that, well?

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