I feel like the cover of a book called Silver’s Clown

I am yet to write.

Happy equally and unsure of everything all around

Look at my eyes starting to tear in the corners

Realizing that an aging life has so many challenging borders.

The task and trial becomes an inner contest to see if you can digest, not what you will become, but what you will do with the threads of what you became.

Will there be a challenge to become once again and then, be in the realm of pondering, does what you became surface once more?

Where do you start and where will you end?





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Sitting sideways, looking askance at the reflecting pool, I get a total eclipse of my body. It becomes one with the reflections.

I hide this way and that way. I think no one sees. They do not see because they are looking at the reflections, witnessing their own eclipsing.

In seeing nothing, one can then begin to build something. The blankness begins to form in the southeast corner,

What is that? It is the shape of your hand. Your hand gives total mapping of where you have gone, are going, and will go.

How sensitive is the monitoring of your mapping. How telling is your eclipsing?

Hiding, showing, forming, ebbing and preceding, soaring and diving, you have nearly come full circle.

Once the circle is closed there will be no more time for growth, so stretch to the limits as you call upon your engines of power.

As you ponder, remember eclipsing comes in many forms, Perhaps all thought out or just happenstance. Whatever way you come across the opportunity to ponder, sit back, relax and go for the maximum joy your mind gives you.

Mother Earth: Hurl, Swirl, And Twirl


I will not lay this body down

I have a wedding to attend

Nobody asks for money to lend,

Let us dig the garden we must tend

To move and cultivate to bow and bend

To enable the growth to feed our bodies to mend


To keep in touch with Mother Earth

Our Mama’s with babies to birth

Give rise to the mounting gift of worth

Within the mounds of earth, unearthed.


We need each other’s thoughts and ideas

Without use of a The World Encyclopedias

To review the History of change

Facts and words we cannot rearrange.

As well as

Basing our study on real events

Digging and planting and covering with tents

Not just to be having fun but…

To tame the sun that burns the tiny seedlings.

By the way…

Ask not why the powerful pull is upon us but

Know that it is what keeps us grounded

As we spin and twirl around.


Nourished by the sun, grounded by the twirl

In the atmosphere we do hurl

Planting the garden, both boy and girl

Gathered together in one great big swirl

Hold on……


A Simple Meditation



Whatever your day holds is what we are after today. We want a way to bring forth what is available at the moment. Sit quietly, count backwards, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, pausing at each step to ponder and dwell.

Now count 5,4,3,2, and on number1 pause before entering the open door.

Once inside of the room look around. The room is empty and awaiting your input. Decorate with furniture, flooring, encouraging colors, and consider using velvets and silk. This will be where you will go often to bring back your thoughts, review your memories, and work on your future.

You will enjoy this process as often as you like and be assured you will gather new and pertinent information about yourself each and every time you count down to 1 and go inside your own personally decorated room. Be aware of the lessons of delight.





I hear your cries out into the world at times of stress and angst. I hear you exclaim, “”Oh God. Or you say, Oh My God and at times of your duress, I hear, “Jesus Christ!” Welcome to the world of prayer. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

As you gently become aware of your body and your interior state of soul, you are opened up to the forces that guide you to seeing your way as you progress into the state of Grace. The healing starts. You begin to realize that what you are welcoming is healing from the inside outward.

If you let go of your desire for security, approval and for control you will change your nature of being, and so softly you will live noticing that there is barely wear and tear on your existence. You will have learned the first step in remaining aware of change and actuality. You have tripped momentarily into a state of grace and as you settle down, you are consumed with Gratitude.

Now that you have controlled security and approval, the next to transpire is letting go of your desire to change any situation, condition, person, but open into only yourself. Let us open to the healing actions and fill your environment with Grace and Gratitude.



















































Your body and mind are your centering tools. Be centered. Set your feet when you feel your body is balanced. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the balanced state and the physicality of it. Concentrate. Practice getting the physical parts centered and stable.


Now transfer to centering the mind. The mind is a wandering element until you pull in invisible strings and hold it in place. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Talk to yourself in a calm centering tone. Tell yourself that you want to relax and learn something absolutely and purposefully in the direction of your needs. Your mind sets about changing the circumstances and relates to you a new qualitative prospect. Congratulations, how deeply you have centered.


When we talk about centering we move in a circle. You stand still, but your internal motions go circular. Once you realize you have circular thoughts they become so much more relevant. What if you pulled from your center all that you can and let the contents dribble from top to bottom? You would see a pool a reflective, inspirational pool of yourself. Never before have you centered through to the real purpose. The purpose once revealed is powerful and mesmerizing. You are happy with the attention you have given yourself.


Keep physically and mentally centered and you will progress beyond what you have ever before imagined. If you have pain, centering removes so much of it. Pain is washed away and lack of it is a reminder to stay centered as often as possible. The elevation in the middle is a new plane of existence and the newest revelation in your contemplative mind.

Seductive Shade

Image result for photos of shade gardens

Seductive Shade

See how the shade casts shadows stirring up the imprints of reflections on the water? In contemplative thinking I am wondering what other casts shadows make.

You would think that shadows cast would dull and darken things. Yes, you would be right and in the darkening new and productive images arise, giving you new meditative choices.

You become aware that mostly opaque dense object that let very little light passes through cast shadows. You use yourself and change positions of body parts to obtain your own shadow. Shadows are long in the early morning and shorten as the day passes. You can do many experiments with shadows. Tracing the shape of a shadow cast and filling it with your own lines and shapes is art. You and nature have a partnership to create shadows and in the fun and frolicking of shadow castings you learn to live joyful moments. In casting shadows, you for the moment cast away your worries, your angst, regrets, frets, fears, and gather some momentary peace.

Learning the casting of shadows can be thoughtful lessons. The artist learns how different portions of the entity are at differing depths and the body, which is closer to light, will cast a shadow on the object more in the distance. When studying light and distance, the shadows that form change so rapidly your thoughts cannot be idle.

If your thoughts come rapid fire when observing shadows then, light can cure your mind of ills. The shadows provide the shade your mind needs to be seduced into seductive thinking, which turns your shady thoughts into healing vibrations. You are unaware of the healing and the vibrations. You only have to stand in the light and stand in the casting of shadows to recognize the differences in your mindset. Now is the time to remember to recognize and cast shadows. Observe the casting of shadows in as many locations as possible to gain instructions on Seductive Shade.

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