Morning’s With Melissa

Episode 2

Yesterday was Melissa’s Day off.  She’s a careful driver and on her way now. Children in our neighborhoods have started school ending their summer vacations. I hope her drive has not changed the lovely empty morning streets she has enjoyed thus far, because of the maddening crowds that returning to school do cause.

Melissa comes this morning all puffed up. She says, “Morning’s suck,” she repeats in a controlled steady growl. I think for myself and begin to silently agree wholeheartedly. I think morning’s stink too, but if you are tuned in, it will give you a message. You should wade through, and hope you see joy and relief later in your the day. I would like to share some more morning thoughts in a condensed form, which will serve to inform, but will cease before I begin to wallow.

We are happy to see each other and begin writing down a few topics we have in mind to share. I start with thanking her for her help with the lovely Ice cream party we shared with the Movie Group. The movie group is a group of six couples, twelve people in all. For many years we have taken turns choosing a movie that we will see on our own, then the hostess chose a dining spot, and then the group will get together to enjoy deserts and movie discussions. Skip and I enjoyed seeing everyone after a very long hiatus. I say a huge thank you to Melissa and praise her skill mixing the afternoon, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, conversations surrounded by love, the passing of time, and the joys of gathering together once again. I continue to praise her, but she just blushes and says, “Stop already”!

How could I possibly stop before I mentioned with great love and giving her heart felt hugs for helping me several weeks before the gathering to put all of the photographs of my paintings, some I enhanced by my love of using Photo Shop, and along with some of my writings, and observations of my deepest human thoughts, as they shape the realities of life. Melissa and her super sensitive collating skills of data in sequences brought me to the realization that she had created a beautiful book, using my love of producing artistic pieces of joy announcing me as the author, Illustrator and simultaneously giving me a bit of fame to claim.  At this moment of creating this special blog I am highlighting the sharing of Caregiving and Caregivers, and letting you know that it is not just bringing the patient a glass of water.

I am telling you this because I had many physical issues, which I could not overcome on my own. I did not understand the need and therefore, I had to create the path to renewing my body and mind.

Melissa instinctively knew how to handle each step we encountered and what to do in order for the healing of spirit and mind. Go on this journey with us as we teach each other.


Please feel free to leave your comments as we look forward to read them.



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