(Episode 1)

Melissa is my enlightened caregiver and I am her patient. When our family decided that it was not safe for me to be wandering and fending for myself, the search across the San Fernando Valley began. Agencies sent people for the caregiving position. My response to all of them was, “No Way!” One was so large she could not fit through the door. Another one waited in the rain to be picked up by her husband who never came. For all I know she shriveled up and floated away. A friend of mine of many years, my Lovely Brendie, found Melissa. Thanks to God, Mornings with Melissa, an important, and life giving relationship, was born.

Melissa is kind and has strong caregiving skills that she has gathered over the years. She is dependable, and her skills and knowledge is shared freely with everyone who tends to me. She puts a warm spirit all over the house, sees to the watering of special plants that would heretofore not be able to be present without her care. WE have a bird family in the yard and Melissa feeds them our breadcrumbs. As soon as Melissa goes into the kitchen, Mr. Bird flies to greet her. Melissa is welcomed by everyone for her love, warmth, and understanding of life.

Yes, you want to know what Melissa does for me. When you wake up tomorrow pen and paper should be in your hands, or placed near by. Start your written notations of everything you do for yourself. Think back a few days and add some things you remember that would have been much less frustrating with help. Your list should be long. Now it is my turn to tell all. I was chosen to suffer from a disease that not even the devil could have concocted. The Spells are horrid and cannot be explained in any way I can think of, except to put my foot in my mouth and say perhaps childbirth is something you cannot describe and each person’s pain is different. My spells come and go at their will. I do not know when they will come but I know it’s too often. They course through the body and must have a roadmap, because they are right on task and never deviate.   What Melissa does for me, is eases me through each session and lightens my load. Without Melissa, the devil wins and who wants that?

Thank you for reading so far, and when you share your comments with us, they will become so important, in helping all of us to develop growth as we share our skills

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    Oct 30, 2019 @ 07:03:27

    Hey, you look GOOD ! Melissa sounds great. Is she married? She is bending her knees in the photo. Is she 8 feet tall or are you shrinking ? We in Britain are having a most tedious time with Brexit. It is dividing families and the country. I am reminded of the English civil wars in the 16 hundreds when you were either for the King or Parliament. Your life could depend on your answer. More British people died in the civil wars than in WW1 and WW2 combined.
    Our warmest regards to Skip. John & Marlyn xxx


    • Sheila Clapkin
      Oct 30, 2019 @ 13:19:59

      We thank you for your lovely strong comments. You have always been someone who cares and gets the best of life’s offers
      ! love to you and keep on sharing ♥️♥️


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