Give them more than the Heck Word!


If you can figure out how to stop Robot calling, one of the major phone companies will give you a million dollars. I hope one of you reading this has some ideas and can put to together a package that will ease our fury at the number of horrible calls and pad your bank account with lots of $$$.

Yesterday morning on a quiet second cup of coffee morning, a call came through and I answered it. The voice on the other end said, “Hi, Grandma, this is your grandson. No way possible, I know the voices of my grandson’s, so I answered back, “Who the hell are you?” He said, “Now why would you talk to your grandson, your oldest one like that.” I said why don’t you talk with Grandpa and he hung up. It made me very sad to think that there are grandmas and grandpas so starved for a call from their grand child; they would fall for this scheme. When they have Grandma in their claws they tell here that *&% has been in a little accident and needs her to wire him some money. He says he will get home and come to see her. This scam has happened often and grandmas across the U.S. have sent money to these Grandma scammers in order to help their precious grandchild. Tears are in my eyes.

Another scam is that you will be called and told that your computer is sending out thousands of naughty emails and they can help you to stop it. You have to turn on your computer and allow them to control your screen and meanwhile all your sacred data is confiscated and you have been scammed. I recently yelled into the phone some obscenities and the scammer got so mad he said in a harsh voice, “Open your damn computer.” I hung up. Hanging up has such finality to it and holds such a sense of control.

You know well about the construction scammers, right? They tell you how nice you were to them in January, this being May, and that you said you had work for them when they call back. Sure! We actually had a scammer plumber recommended highly. He was going to chip up all of the tile flooring and re-pipe. When the person heard that his recommendation went so badly, he came over, dismissed the contractor, and did the work himself at half the price and no digging up tile floors. Saved by the bell. We had already decided not to do it that way, but didn’t know where to turn. Lucky we have such a knowledgeable friend who is a plumber.

Have you had a persuasive call from the IRS? Well you know that the IRS has bigger fish to fry and is not going to call you.

But if you need to be contacted you will be contacted by mail.

The scammer on this one told our friends that they had the sheriff already on the way to arrest them. They waited in fear all night. Oh my, oh my!!

Wireless phones are receiving calls from phone numbers with a three-digit area code that looks domestic. Do not return the call! If you call and they answer you will be charged a fee for connecting and a charge per minute fee, if they can keep you on the phone. How long folks does it take to say the f-word and hang up?

So, if you are out there and can figure out a Scammer Buster, welcome to the million dollars. I applaud you all the way to the bank.

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  1. Diane
    Jul 26, 2015 @ 10:52:47

    Hi, I don’t know anybody that could fall for this junk. I get enraged and hang up. People who fall for this are very needy or a little out of it. You and I are very smart, I would love to be able to have that million dollars. We had such a nice day with you and the next day things turned ugly on my birthday. Jill became very ill. She had a infection which became worse and she went to the hospital. Her foot which is painful from a disease called RSD in which a anesthesiologist puts pain medication in her spine about every six weeks but it’s extremely painful afterwards was out of control. Her husband would do nothing so by phone we were able to manage and help her. I have taken your sandbox statement and devised a new twist on it. I think I will use that. I think I will tell the kids that there’s going to be four different sandboxes instead of one sandbox if they don’t start getting along. Somehow using metaphor is less threatening than saying what I really want to say. I had unusual phone calls for my birthday from people I haven’t heard from in years, Merv’s family. I didn’t get through with phone calls until 530 that day. Again we enjoyed you so much. Looking forward to doing this again and again. Love to skip and you. Diane and Jim



    • Sheila Clapkin
      Jul 26, 2015 @ 14:13:04

      Again, Happy Birthday. Isn’t it wonderful!!Or shall I say, it was when we were much younger. Actually when you think about it it is wonderful to still be here.

      As far as sandboxes, I should call our children’s elementary school on the carpet for promoting some of them out of Kindergarten when they did not pass the Sandbox test of rules for behavior!

      Yes, we will have five different sandboxes. We will be busy visiting the sandboxes.
      Oh here is a new one. I heard cats use sandboxes as their liter box. Hopefully the cats will use them equally!


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