We have a plate of gummies, correct? Nope. Maybe it is a plate of sweet and sour strips? Nope. Is this a plate of weirdly awesome, genuine gummy and jelly treats? Perhaps they are Cubbies, Swirled Gums, Sour Patches, Gummy Worms, and Minties. NO, no, no, they are vitamin supplements. People take them by mouth. They take a series of them every day. People are convinced that certain vitamin supplements are good and friendly to the flora of our bodies. Sometimes yes, and sometimes times no.

I noticed our friendly visitor had a bag full of these yummy looking supplements and I asked kindly if she would allow me to put them in a bowl for a photo. Gorgeous looking, I’ll say, but I am not convinced or converted, yet, into believing a bowl of gummies would not have the same worth as my lovely food. Oh, I am in hot water, I know Sarah W and Jake M, and others; I can already feel your red hot pokers in my spine. I know you are right and I know I am right, too. Now what? Do we have to wait until the very end and one of us will prove the others right and or wrong? I hope not; I would rather it remains a debate. SO, I will propose to you what I THINK. Okay, relax, only what I THINK and you will come back with what you THINK! None of us will KNOW for sure.

I think supplements are expensive. I think your body will take on what it needs, and the rest will come out through the natural cleansing processes already in place. I think you should take or not take supplements as you wish. What did the cave men do? Oh you can come back with a wham-bam on that one. You will know what works and what does not. Use the comment section on this blog and educate us all together. Tell us what you think, what you take or do not take and why.

Please! I do not take supplements except for Calcium with vitamin D added. I occasionally take a prescription pill cut in half or thirds accordingly. Have I tried supplements? Oh yes, and when the blurred vision, the heartburn, the hives and the discontent subsided, I decided I will not try again. I just wonder at what we might be missing or gaining. What do you think?


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  1. brendierosenbloom333@gmail.com
    Jun 16, 2014 @ 18:38:51

    Great article…………as I have those supplements wrapped like Carmel’s all over the kitchen…….

    Just saw your friend Donna at restaurant……had three bites of chicken and some dry pasta with bread and water……not too healthy eating yet!

    How is Berclar Lane? You probably had Joseph’s for dinner!


    Brendie 💜



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