Fifth Grade Culmination/Graduation in West Hills, California Celebrating our Granddaughter’s Achievement


As you can see, modern technology secures a record of this event for each iPad holder/user, but for me it screened out the event that I so desperately craned and wiggled to see. I know they did not realize that they were being obtrusive and prominently using up my space and the space of others to see their family member culminate/graduate. I enjoy bringing you the above photograph of the experience plus I have added the interior chuckle I have every time I see the iPads using my space or is it theirs once they have taken it?

Well thought out plans had been made for this event and many practice sessions had been conducted; all speeches were committed to memory, the songs well rehearsed, outfits for the event had been searched for and purchased by the celebrated child and family members. As the rewarded volunteers took their front seats, we the others, scrambled for the best leftover seats we could secure.

The prossession began. We were on the wrong side, oh well.  The speeches began and songs sung. The school officials gave appropriate speeches of their love for the children, rewards given, culmination certificates lovingly handed to each child, another song was sung and the procession off to begin a new life began.  The photo on the top is what I saw of the event for most of the time. But I am not one for the back scenes or do I like to sit on the sidelines, so I scrambled, nudged, gently elbowed and jostled myself in position to grab the shots of our granddaughter receiving two awards and her diploma for our family records.

Aside from enjoying and witnessing this charming event I saw so little of, I had an opportunity to feel like I was my mother. She so proudly came to these advancing events for our children and smiled with hugs. Now I am she.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dina
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 14:04:16

    I love it!


  2. sheila Clapkin
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 14:12:27

    I love it, too!!!


  3. jacqui
    Jun 10, 2013 @ 14:38:32

    there was a prominent article in the NYTimes either yesterday or today about celebrities( and non-celebrities) who ask guests at their weddings to check their cell phones and similar devices so as not to obscure the view and distract everyone. this is an ethical question for the 2010s.


  4. sheila Clapkin
    Jun 11, 2013 @ 09:47:34

    Thank you for reading Jaqui and having such insight. Hope to see you next year in California, or nY? Which ever comes first. How about a cruise/???


  5. Reene Reene
    Jun 11, 2013 @ 18:56:07

    that is the truth–especially if one is short!!! Reene



  6. sheila Clapkin
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 10:05:54

    Yes it is the truth especially if you are short. Soon the New York laws will come here. They have people check their phones and iPads so they do not run into this kind of problem.


  7. Keith
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 06:37:18

    The girls are growing up SO FAST! Elementary graduations are so memorable. Great story!


    • Sheila Clapkin
      Jun 13, 2013 @ 07:32:16

      You are so kind to always read and place kind comments. Enjoy the rest of your trip. See you soon in S F.


  8. Sheryl
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 07:41:28

    I love the picture! It so aptly conveys how technology can get in the way of just enjoying an event in the moment.


  9. sheila Clapkin
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 11:16:25

    My friend wrote to tell me that recording was not an option at her daughters graduation and that professionals had been hired to do the job. To obtain the video you will have to pay$$$…keep up the dramatic presentation of your Grandma. YOu should win a blog award, is there such a thing. I vote for you!


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