The Madonna Inn, Cayucos, and the Central California Coast


On the Way to Cayucos you can stop at the very famous Madonna Inn for dinner and dancing. Hurry and experience this passing phenomenon. There are fewer and fewer of these events left and as the years, the musicians and participants pass, they may soon be non-existent.  It is so much fun to dance as well as watch some of the experts. The food is good and plentiful.


When the eating and dancing part of the evening was over and we continued on to our digs at the Pier View Suites in Cayucos. Our suites had lovely views of the Central Coast of California and within view was the lovely and famous Cayucos Pier. The Pier View Plaza has facilities to satisfy all of your needs, plus two wonderful antique stores flank the plaza.  Don’t miss a treat at the Cookie Factory and visit the Candy and Ice Cream store. The soup on the pier is wonderful.

There was the annual Flea Market going on at the end of the road. Oh heavenly days, I do love a flea market where you can peruse and own goodies of the past and present to your hearts content. You can finally find and buy what you have always desired, plus own something you never thought of in your life. That’s the fun.

Since Cayucos is between San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay and further north Cambria and San Simeon, you have a lot of sight seeing choices with your main base Cayucos in the middle. Don’t ask me about the food in Cayucos because I don’t really don’t know how to answer that, but I will tell you, at one restaurant in particular, several of us asked for an extra empty plate which they were only too happy to bring, to the tune of $1.50 per plate. It IS on the menu in teeny tiny print that you will be charged for an extra (empty) plate. I should not reveal the name of the restaurant, but it is called by my father’s name.

I highly recommend you explore the Central Coast of California. The weather is mild, the sunsets are legendary, birds dive straight down into the sea to dine, people are friendly, the scenery is breath taking as it shows off the most majestic coastline in the world. California’s Central Coast has developed into a world-class wine tasting region, and you will see that there is a hope for our future that resides in these environs.


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