At the airport we had a delay, but who doesn’t these days?  During our airport wait, I asked each family member to choose an animal spirit to use now, forever, but certainly during the trip. They wanted to know why and I told them I learned that many native people along the west coast of the North American continent gave their children animal spirits to guide them in their lives.  All animals have different virtues and you can easily find yours if you have an animal or choose one soon. Do relax; the animal will come to you. Animals live in tune with the complexity of nature and we as humans have much to gain by adopting and or adapting to the spirits of animals we have chosen. Do you already have an animal spirit, if not choose one.  The qualities of the animal you have chosen will astound you because those are already strengths, instincts and qualities you have eternalized. Some of the animals chosen by the family are: Lion, Puma, Cheetah, Black Panther, Dolphin, Wolf, Jaguar, Owl, Hawk, Eagle and Sloth. As more choose, I shall report.

I was given the owl spirit nearly 25 years ago by a Native American woman and lived well as the spirit guided me. A few days before our departure on this new adventure, I set the owl aside having adopted its powers and became a hawk.  This new animal is a powerful visionary, is visual in all respects, able to touch the spiritual world and is fully focused.

Vancouver is a beautiful city, much more beautiful than I remembered on our first visit years and years ago.  The new buildings cast off reflections in each direction in the downtown area and as you look, the reflective look feels doubly opaque. It is a very friendly yet expensive city. Young people wearing backpacks abound. I wanted to follow some of them to learn of their destinations. Maybe since we might have been the oldest folks on the street everyone felt respective and helpful, but the fact is that we were pointed and directed to many venues we did not even know existed. It is nice to be guided into some of the deeply local ventures.

We were invited to the top of Harbor Side, the building Curtis built! This is where I got my hawk-eyed view of beautiful Vancouver.







6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Steve Durkel
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 02:51:28

    Have a great trip. Enjoy reading your blog. Send our love to Skip and the family.Be safe.

    Steve and Lil


  2. Keith
    Jun 22, 2013 @ 10:28:31

    A Hawk. Ah yes, hawks do soar!!


  3. Reene
    Jun 26, 2013 @ 21:30:57

    Last time we were in Vancouver it was cranes–everywhere–and I don’t mean birds—now I see the results—lots of buildings—R


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