Today’s Bits and Pieces: Ever Heard of “Garage Door Tag?”

Ever Heard of “Garage Door Tag?”

A very funny thing happened with the garage door his afternoon.  I went out and pressed the door opener button because I needed to leave the house for an appointment. The garage door went up 1/2 way and then stopped. Pretty soon it went down again.  I pressed the button and it went up a little and went down again.  I began to think, oh this is awful, and I can’t get out. Then, I remembered have another car in the front of the house. Oh how lucky I thought, but still pressed the button and again the door went up a little and then went down again. I tried I three more times and was about ready to give up when the garage door opened all by itself. Then Skip came driving in.

Oh my goodness we had been playing “Garage Door Tag.”  I would press and he would press, then he would press and I would press. Poor ole’ garage door did not know whom to please. We laughed when we realized that we had been canceling out each other’s door presses. Glad someone won.  So much for “Garage Door Tag.”

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