Today’s Bits and Pieces: Granny Maxine the Matchmaker

Granny Maxine the Matchmaker.

April (our granddaughter) is in the first grade at Wilbur Ave School. She has a classroom volunteer the kids call Granny. Granny is the grandmother of a little boy named Devon.

Granny also happens to be Maxine the lady who fixed Skip and I up on a blind date all those years ago (49) and also wore my wedding dress after I did.

Granny was helping the teacher do something with the attendance cards and noticed that April’s emergency contact # was to call Sheila and Skip. She really made a big deal about it and the whole class and teacher were so excited about it. Granny told the class and the teacher the whole blind date story and the double wearing of the same wedding dress. It so happens April sits right next to Granny’s grandson Devon. What a revelation.  Granny has been with the class since Kindergarten & they just found out about the connection. Cracky.

Granny called me to catch up after nearly 50 years and will call again when she comes to volunteer in the classroom.  We will get together and chat awhile. April called and told me the story and she was so excited that she now knows the whole story about how her grandparents became introduced.

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