The Wonders of Sweet, Sweet Revenge




















I never believed in revenge and would not take it, but when it happened of its own accord, it was sweeter than I could have imagined. Sweet, sweet revenge at its recognized moment is sweeter than any soft touching ever felt. Even sweeter than chocolate is the rich sweetness of revenge given to you without asking, trying, plotting, inquiring, requesting, expecting, ever, ever questioning or posing a revenge.

You spend an inordinately large amount of time sucking it up; agonizing, despairing, and feeling hopeless, desolate and so very miserable at the way things turned out. How can a person, you wonder, have such a bad heart to put a hole in yours, so huge it has taken decades to fill and quick as a wink, it is over and revenge is yours.

I realize that the person, whose heart and mind can hurt you, can heal you as well. As the revenge occurred, I could not share it with anyone and still cannot give you any details to this day. Not only can I not give you details of the revenge, I realize I still cannot give you details of the kill. I spent days sitting in the sunlight trying to shake it. Trying to come alive again after all of that bleeding. I was weak and very, very sad. Days past and I couldn’t even get mad. I pulled myself out of the hole, never, ever to go in it again.

The moment I understood the pain was gone and the hurt was over, a ray of bright light surrounded me. I guess the curative bright light potion was just for me because in the room filled with others, I was the only one surrounded by the light. Sweet, sweet revenge is bright surrounding light, soothing pats and hugs. It is an elevation of great proportions. You will never be the same again because you have been lifted. The perpetrator will never know I was in a hole, never know my pain, will never know my light and my elevation. Thank you God for this gift of blameless, guiltless, sweet, sweet revenge.