“Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.”

You have been given tools to accept yourself or not. You can choose to accept parts and abhor other parts. The abhorring is the negative side of thinking, which can and will take you down a curvy road. Negative thoughts appear in all of us and the ones who will fair the best are the ones who learn which thoughts to propagate. Been here, just wait until the end.

Stop comparing yourself to others. This is generally a source of much unhappiness. Become aware of choosing negative thoughts and change them to positive affirmations. Okay, how does one achieve turning negative into positive. The key: Just recognize positive side of thinking vs. negative thinking. You are there! Been here, I know you have.

Make an effort to see the positive side, smile, and surround your self with positive people. Hard one. Also, do not play the victim, help someone, sing, remember that no one is perfect, and let yourself move forward. By moving forward I mean learning from your mistakes. Much easier said than done. Probably this means stop kicking yourself and let your self up and out! Say five things you are grateful for right now. I’ll bet you just let this one go. You won’t do this, will you?

Acceptance of self is the key. Accept the good, bad, and the ugly. Accept that what you want is still what you want, because you haven’t received it yet. Thinking that you will get it is positive thinking and thinking that you do not have it is the opposite. Negative seems to agree with most of us, hum, I wonder why? Perhaps, negative is easy and you think it is supposed to be that way. I’ll bet there are even lines and creases permanently etched spelling out your negativism. JUST take a moment out and get in front of a mirror.   See the sour lines? Well, smile; think of candy, ice cream, brownies, and cream filled éclairs. Now, look back into the mirror. New lines?

I have an idea that is working for me. I kept this one for last because if you read his far down, you deserve it. SNAP your fingers. That’s right; snap them. Connect in your brain that the sound of the snap of your finger is a positive sound. Make the snapping sound a mantra. Make it mean putting your mind in gear. Make the snapping sound connect to the positive side of your thinking. Besides the snapping act, the sound it makes, it is chic, and a good look. Get in front of a mirror, now do some finger snapping, Get your body to move with the sound. Nice huh? Good looking huh? Shh, listen, be still, snap, snap, snap!