When I Die, Please Water my Geraniums.


Geraniums are easy to grow and are sure-fire winners for passionate perfusions of variegated, brilliant, pastels, riotous, and wonderful, colors, plus a variation on leaves. Some geranium leaves are even more lovely and luxurious than their blooms. Hard to believe, but true.

Be prepared for a bursting into bloom when you turn your back for only a moment and think of something else. They will not let you down. They have a built in signal to pep you up and say there is much more to come.

I recently found out that if you cut your geranium plant back within a few inches of the ground after blooming, new leaves will emerge shortly and you will have new growth very soon and new blooms for color in your environment.

In l969, I was looking into the fauna and flora for the landscaping of our new home. I asked a fellow in one of the garden shops where I would find geraniums. He raised his brows and answered with, ” Oh we don’t sell them because they are considered a common flower and usually found in gardens of poorer people.” Quote complete. Okay, so for years, not a single Geranium flower grew in our yard. OH ho, he haw, come on by now, they are here in our yard now and even some in the front yard so the burglars will think we are common and poor. I guess Geraniums in the front yard are as good as your ADT signs, and cheaper, too. I see most of our neighbors have fancy flora and not a single Geranium. They should know that Town & Country Gardens says, “Geraniums have been one of the most popular flowers in American gardens for over 200 years.”


An interesting thing about Geraniums is that not only are they profuse, you can snip a stem off of any plant, stick it in the ground. Water and before you know it, you will have a plant, blooming and shouting out, I am here where you planted me; I was free and, I will serve you well for many years to come. For centuries, geraniums had to be grown precisely from cuttings, but recently they have been able to propagate a geranium from a seed. But cutting propagation of geraniums is as popular as ever. Have you ever borrowed a geranium stem and been delighted with the results?

Today I am asking you to water my geranium plants if I should pass because true to myself, I over did it with eight new IVY geraniums, or what I call TRAILING geraniums. They trail down paths, giant hills, in hanging pots, and steep mountainsides if planted high up. I plan to have the eight trailing plants planted this week and sit back to watch the magic of trailing. But, if I trail out of this world before the trailing is done, please water these once common flowers who in their brilliance have become the Kings and Queens of continuous color. Water them with strength, courage, and appreciation.


Come burglars, robbers one and all, even though there is an ADT sign casting ideas of grandeur, there is only us common flowers waiting for your approval, your diligence, your love and gratefulness, nothing else is as worthwhile.