The Fortune Cookie Saga


I need your help to understand my Fortune Cookie dilemma. Yes, I am writing about the Fortune cookies that are served as a dessert in most Chinese restaurants at the end of a succulent, you hope, meal. The Fortune cookie carries inside a piece of paper with words of wisdom, a prophecy, sometimes numbers people use as lottery winning numbers. There is always a rising delight as the meal heads towards the end and the anticipation of your fortune is to be read around the table. Each person reads his or her fortune; it is agreed upon and talked about giving each dinning participant a few moments in the spotlight.

My particular issue is that about twenty years ago I opened the Fortune cookie with great expectations. I immediately noticed the word doomed and hated to read on, so I tore it up, dropped it into my unfinished plate and have not opened another fortune cookie since, except for yesterday after lunch at a spectacular Chinese restaurant. I decided my actions were childish. I should woman up and open the glistening Fortune cookie. I struggled with the tightly wound wrapping. Cookie in hand, I broke it apart. Lo and behold, it was empty. Empty after all of these years.

One of the reasons I have not opened the Fortune cookies in so many years is because there is an individual who always grabs the cookies and says” This one is pointing to you and this one is pointing to so and so and this one is mine.” and so on until all of the cookies are passed out. I have voiced my opinion that each person should be allowed to pick his or her own. I still feel this would change the specifics. The negative dynamic has to stop!

My questions to you are: Why do you suppose after all of these years I would open an empty Fortune cookie? Is a Fortune cookie made for random use not at all credible? What is the real message here?

Here is my own Fortune cookie saying: “Do not aim for perfection. Do your best, and let it be.’

What is your Fortune Cookie saying?

Here are my winning lottery numbers: 30 1 22 38 40 14

They will win, I just don’t know when.

What are your winning lottery numbers?

Please share.