Who says you Can’t Mix Apples and Oranges?


Your friend is sweetly angry. You are not behaving the way she wants you to behave. You have not been your usual attentive self and you are becoming self-centered.

Oh dear, what shall I do?

Really? You are asking what shall you do? Be your contented self. Are you all the things she says? Hell no you are not. Perhaps in her minds eye, you are not her idol anymore. It does not happen the way it used to happen. You have taken several steps up on the ladder of serenity and do not need all of the psychodrama so many are capable of spewing. So, as you move up, someone will tug at you and hope to take you down to their level once again. If they can rise, give them all the details on how you have moved and if it does not accomplish what you hope, close your eyes, thank God for your enlightenment, and move along on your appointed rounds.

You will meet many who are working to expand and enter new ways and means. Who says, “You can’t mix apples and oranges.” Why not? I mix them in my fruit bowl always. Oh perhaps because they are so different and rarely do you eat them together. I will leave you now for a lunch break where I will prepare apples and oranges together. Have a cup of coffee. I’ll be back.

I’m BACK. Apples and oranges are delicious together and even attain ambrosia status if you mix in a tablespoon of vanilla yogurt and a teaspoon of honey. It is lip-smacking good as a main dish or a stand-alone. So why have you and I believed all of these years because someone is quoted that all they have to say is true? Can you not look, see, and taste? Make up your own mind? I hope so, and from now on we will be stronger. In fact here is one for you. How about putting potatoes and tomatoes together. Yuck right? Wrong. So, to you I ask, who said some things you think, either you rethink them, say them as your truth, or I must ignore them.

When all is said and done and before you go, the real truth about apples and oranges is that you need to separate them to extend their shelf life. Apples and oranges stored together will omit a gas that will break them down faster. So, as a matter of perspectives, it is right and wrong. I assume right for some who wish to breakdown sooner and wrong for those who wish to remain crisp and fresh as long as possible. I’ll take my apples and oranges together, and eat them sooner before the breakdown.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. etty10
    May 26, 2015 @ 20:24:39

    Sound like the story I just told about my trip and my friend… Thanks for putting this in perspective.


  2. Sheila Clapkin
    May 26, 2015 @ 20:27:40

    It sure does. See you were mixing the wrong times.
    You are home now and can see more clearly. Thank
    You for reading and commenting.


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