Wishes Don’t Wash Dishes














If  you sit on the couch and wish, wish, wish for the dishes to be done, I will tell you here and now, they will not be done anymore than they were when you first started wishing. Get off your duff and do something about the tasks in your life that need doing.

Some of my dear friends and relatives have died. I wish I would have told them how much I will always love them, and most of all I wish I would have told them how much I will/do miss them. Wishes Don’t Wash Dishes and to you B.J. you are right!

I wish to do so many things I think about, and sometimes I just sit and wish for them. Then, I remember B.J. and some of his last words to me were, “Wishes Don’t Wash Dishes.” When I heard him say these words a few weeks ago, I knew at that very moment I would spend the rest of my life doing what I needed to do to get those dishes washed. Now that you have heard B.J.’s words, get going and do what you need to do to get your dishes washed.

I remember as a child I wished for this and that and everything I saw I wished for in that moment. Now I wish for more concrete things. Health is one of my new wishes along with an absence of growing old pains, peace and quiet, plus daily doses of love and respect. My dishes are washed.

Here’s the deal I make with myself. I will DO the dishes if my grandchildren will be healthy, a little wealthy and mostly gain joy and wisdom throughout their lives. Let them live on to a ripe fulfilled age. Dishes are drying in the bin.

I will do your dishes if you will take the time to smell the roses and enjoy what you are doing right now. I’ll even do the pots and pans if you do something kind and nice for someone.

Instead of wishing for more time, I am going to enjoy the time I have. Sometimes I realize I am grumpy and do not enjoy the present moment, all rolled up into a wish for an opportunity to do something way off in the future. Now is the future.

I wish I would have cried out loud and ranted and raved when I wanted to instead of tying my throat up in a knot and swallowing my pain. I wish I would not go back in time and dig up old miseries, so off I go to wash the dishes.

I wish I did not have to make decisions. Some are more difficult than others. If I actually make no decisions, I will be on this chair for the rest of my life. I think I will get up and wash the dishes.

The dishes will get done if I watch someone do them. I like that, but then, I think, what is my role? Watching is so passive, so unreceptive, and so empty. I think I will help the washer, wash the dishes. They will get done faster, leaving time for another adventure.

Your wishes don’t wash your dishes, YOU do!

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  1. April
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 07:24:30

    Wow you sure are right, wishes sure don’t do dishes!!!!!!!!! I think I might go help mom or dad the next time they do the dishes


  2. Sheila Clapkin
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 11:03:31

    I think helping with dishes is such a good idea. You know how you wonder why didn’t I think of that? Well. YOU just did. Wonderful, Apie


  3. Sheryl
    Mar 29, 2014 @ 20:06:24

    Beautifully written, thought-provoking post. It evoked a range of of emotions that range from smiles to sadness. Washing the dishes is important–as is enjoying the time we have.


    • Sheila Clapkin
      Mar 30, 2014 @ 07:58:12

      Thank you for reading. You work so hard, I think you have a hard time fitting in washing dishes. I am so pleased you got this message. A great friend of mine has told me in so many ways, Wishes Don’t Wash Dishes. Yes, he is right. I am enjoying your hard work everyday. What a blessing you are to so many of us.


  4. Carly Marshall
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 20:00:09

    I liked that blog!! One of my personal favorites! I can assure you I am happy and healthy and will get the dishes done! And every time I do, I will think of this blog and you💜 I love you grandma!


  5. Sheila Clapkin
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 11:17:10

    Oh my dear Carly, you are one of my personal favorites and think of you so often. I think your life is great and you are a very accomplished artist. Thank you for this comment.


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