P’s Comment on the See Me Now Blog made me think!



(If you wish to refresh your memory scroll down and read the See Me Now posting and the comment from “P’)

The comment made by “P’ is this: “When you are behind a rock, what happens if you look behind you and a whole new aspect greets you? Are you still hiding or do you use the rock as a backdrop for something more exciting?”

My answer will take years of looking at the rock as a backdrop for something more exciting, but here is what I have seen so far:

I thought you would be interested in this morning and how “P’s” words created something special for me. I went out early before we went to work 6:40 a.m. to be exact to give the quail some left over popcorn.  I looked up to see a full moon hanging in the sky (facing west) I am all caught up in the hanging moon that forgot its timing, then, I remembered what “P” said and turned around behind the backdrop of the moon and towards the east. Oh my wonder, there was the sun coming up, of course.  So, I think I was one of a few, maybe the only one in my area to witness a full moon and the sun together this morning. Perhaps there are many places in the world where this occurs, but not here.  What a treasure. So again, I thank  “P” for his astute Blog comment.

More kudos for “P.”

This afternoon I was on my way to a luncheon at Mimi’s Café, 7.0 miles, about a 20-minute ride. Shortly after leaving my house and entering the roadway, a car turned in front of me and I slowed to let a car turn into a side street.  Then, a little further, there is an alley way and another car turned in front of me. I slowed once again.  If I would have taken “P’s” advice I would have seen the rather aggravated blond bombshell shaking her fists and moving out and around me on the left, passing through double yellow lines dictating no passing. She was trying to make the go signal. Even though she drove fearlessly and tried her best, she was not successful and I pulled up right in back of her. She was flailing her arms and hands. She had broken the law, put my life and hers in jeopardy and caused me quite a scare, but I pleasantly waved and smiled.

The blonde wild-haired woman turned left, I turned left, right on her tail. She drove to Corbin Ave in a rush and turned right. I was right behind her. We drove on in semi tandem for 7.0 miles. She wove in and out of lanes, trying to shake me loose. No, no Blondie, I’m still in back of you. She stopped at the first red light, glanced in her rear view mirror to find me there smiling and waving.  I can feel this woman beginning to worry. The next light that stopped us found her right across from me in the adjoining lane. Blondie is shrinking and sweating in her seat.  I know she is wondering why I am following her.  I am not following her; I am going to my appointment at Mimi’s. I am still smiling and waving.

Actually, I am very proud of myself. I am driving properly, within the speed limit, have not changed lanes every few minutes, yet I am stuck to this wild sweating woman driving a silver bullet with the emblem to let me know it is a Mercedes. I thought to myself, don’t care what you are driving, I am right here in your sights, smiling and waving. You are sweating and worried.

About five miles have been covered and I have not lost any ground. She has worked herself into a bit of frenzy by changing lanes and dodging cars, still trying to shake me. I am enjoying myself and my realization that I am driving like a law biding hot-rod driver is thrilling. I am up on her and nearly miss my turn into Mimi’s parking lot. I turn my way, go on my appointed rounds and know that wild Blondie, the miserable law breaking, dangerous driver, is still looking in her rear view mirror wondering when I will show up.

So, this is not about me seeing in back of me, it is about someone seeing me when they look back. Glory today is performing a job well done in someone’s rear view mirror.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sheryl
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 19:54:25

    The picture is lovely. It beautifully shows a full moon, and suggests the importance of finding quiet times to reflect.


  2. sheila Clapkin
    Nov 26, 2013 @ 07:04:36

    YOU are amazing and everyday there is a blog from you. Wonderful work. Thank you.


  3. Keith
    Nov 29, 2013 @ 12:04:08

    OMG I was reading this aloud to all who would listen in the car with me. It will tickle me and make me laugh for quite some time into the future. This is a classic!!


  4. sheila Clapkin
    Nov 30, 2013 @ 10:33:12

    YOU comments inspire me to great heights. Thank you for reading it out loud. Oh to be a fly upon the window. Thanks so much.


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