Rhodes: #3

When you gather at your table for dinner with tablemates, after a day of enjoying your docked destination, the stories of things seen and done differ as much as night and day.  One couple tells their story of hiking the 365 stairs up and down from the sanctuary of Athena in a most ancient town of Lindos. We viewed Lindos during our Taxi Tour and squinted high at the Temple of Athena, but only in passing, knowing we were not going to make the trek.

We were docked on the Eastern side of Rhodes and after visiting several churches, the Palace of the Masters, and yes, Virginia there is a Mc Donald’s in the city center. Honestly, unbelievable. It is quite nice that they intentionally painted it a color that matches nicely with the lovely ancient downtown walls to remind you of the medieval days and of the Crusaders. One couple we met from Scotland was able to join us on our Taxi Tour around the island viewing the difference in the climate and terrain that changes so distinctly from a few miles to the next few miles.  One area is cooled with the ocean breeze and is packed with hotels and sandy stretches of beaches. A little further on you see Eucalyptus trees lining streets, patches of olive groves, towns and villages all dating back in different times. We did see several attempts to grow with hot houses that have been abandoned.

We wanted to visit some varied types of villages on the island. One village, the oldest one had newly constructed houses next to very old sone ones reminiscent of early man. Other villages had up to date homes and a supermarket.  There is one village we did not see because of the day nearly ending, and the fact that it has turned into rocks and pebbles.

Our next adventure was visiting a pottery factory. Our driver just drove right by it and I asked about turning around and going back. He was pleased we asked and the turn around was well worth our time. We were invited into the back of the factory where a worker was beautifully etching a bell. Towards the end of the day in the city center we were able to see our pottery factory’s pottery for sale.

My absolutely special moment was visiting the “Hidden Church.” When armies came to spoil things in Greece, the people on Rhodes hid this little church that has been carved out of the rock. It is actually a cave.  Photo of the church is the one with the little red door. We all stood quietly. No one moved.  I was hoping for something to happen out of the ordinary and I was not let down. Someone, a female, wiped my tears and dusted off my shoes. I thought how sweet, then, but now that I have given it more thought, I know the reasons and the meanings behind the kind actions and appreciate the communications. I have cried more often of late about things I need not shed tears over. More optimism is required. The dusting of my shoes means my explorations by waking are not over they have only slowed down. I will reach my destinations in due time.







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