Can you believe it? We are back in Turkey? Kusadasi has the feel of Turkey and is billed as a resort town. For approximately $180,000 you can buy a three-bedroom two-bath condo facing the beautiful Aegean Sea.


Our tour took us in the early morning to Ephesus.  The only way to let you know this is the biggest ruin in the world’s history is to quote something I found.  “Ephesus dates back to Pre-lonian times when the Carians and Lelegians lived in a wide plain near the temple of the Mother Goddess, later to become the Temple of Artemis or Diana, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.” And it goes on and on. We were told that Ephesus used to be right at the port, but there was a meandering river that laid down silt and eventually it added 3 miles distancing Ephesus from the sea. We walked in between the Hellenistic Walls and the Byzantine walls. We saw the Aqueducts, The Basilica of St. John, Temple of Diana, The Library of Celsus built in A.D 135, and then all I saw were people, people and more people. I searched and listened for something ancient other than stones, but all I could see and here amongst the ruins were only 21st century people trying to see the same things we all came to see. As you will see in some of the photos of special sights, all you can see are people as well.

Lucky they started the walk and talk at the top of the hill and ended stadium down the hill. We were instructed not to go too far into the stadium because it was dangerous and they have had to haul off two people recently who fell and broke a leg.  That is all you have to say to me, and I won’t even look at it. No photos of the stadium.  In fact, some photos show the masses of people surrounding the ruins. Oh how I have a hard time in crowds. I am proud of us because fear cast aside, we did it all except the stadium.  There are many stories and legends associated with Ephesus and this part of the world.

I was huffing and puffing down the hill, passing the stadium with blinders on heading lickety split for the Water Closet. Yes, I was a bit hunched over, checking my steps joining the LINE.

I got a little tap on the back and the Official of restrooms took my hand and escorted me ahead of everyone and installed me in the HANDICAPPED toilet.  OMG, I said to myself, I must really be a mess.  Doesn’t she know I sing, dance, hike, run, and play games inside my head?  I imagine myself in a short fluffy dress wearing six-inch heels twirling on the dance floor.  Does she know in my other life I could really kick ass, I was hell on wheels, I was a spitfire and as straight as an arrow? Do you think she knew I was Bowling Champion of my girls high school team, Tether ball champ of my block, I could double jump rope, dance on my toes and lots of other things. No, how could she know, she just helped out an aging person to pee in peace.  God Bless her.

I have noticed at many tour sites, younger and younger people are there. I have noticed the older ones limp along or are non-existent.  I think they should have little choo choo trains and drive you around the quaint little city streets in heavily visited tourist cities. They had several little trains in Mykonos and older folks were riding them.

Let me sum up Ephesus: heaps of stones and debris surrounded by silted marshlands, which was once the finest city in the world. A city that remains a phenomena and one that will bring the masses to marvel at what once was so much history and such glory for as long as the earth remains.

I am very sorry but the cruise line I am on does not have a strong enough internet connection at any time , day or night, to accommodate me sending photos with the blogs. Can you believe that? I have spent a fortune, not to mention hours trying. In order to relieve this frustation, I am considering taking a taxi at our next stop where I can find a Wi-Fi coffee shop and send you photos!!

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    Oct 07, 2013 @ 11:51:09

    Love your descriptions. Brings back many fond memories. Have a safe trip back

    Love B

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  2. terri
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 17:38:21

    Turkey is an amazing country! Been to Ephesus a few times; it is near the city of Izmir where my hubby does business. Did u get to go through the garden apts–a separate admission charge but soooo worth it!!

    Did u get to the synagogue on Rhodes? There is a list posted of all the Rhodesians who perished in the camps…

    Those areas are soooooo rich in history and amazing architecture!


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