More of Wonderful Cappadocia #3


Three volcanoes in this area erupted over the years and laid down volcanic ash rock. Over the years wind and rain have eroded the soft volcanic rock and has formed rock cones, capped pinnacles, plus the colors red, gold, greens and grays that came from the three volcanoes having different colors of volcanic material.  These rocks were soft enough for people hiding from marauding armies to dig down and create complete underground cities. They had it all planned out so that there was ventilation, living quarters and large storage areas to last many months, even years, until the armies left of their own starvation.

There is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Hot Air Balloon ride up over these wonderful rock formations. This is a balloon ride not taken by us. We are happy with what we have seen.

Can you see sisters holding hands, families enjoying an afternoon in the park, chickens and hens, the bride, people kissing, the camel, penguins swaying and so much more to imagine from these rock structures. Take a look, what do you see?








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  1. Karen Callan
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 08:20:16

    Amazing photos!


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