Seattle: The Wow Factor Day 2 and 3

We  listened to the Mating calls of the Herring Gulls

We listened to the Mating calls of the Herring Gulls

We made it to Pier 52 in time to take the 11:25 ferry over to Bainbridge Island. I worried all night. A lovely talented, brilliant and beautiful sorority sister Renee and her wonderful husband Harry live on Bainbridge Island year round. Equally talented, brilliant and beautiful sorority sisters Penny and Phyllis were visiting them. Skip and I were invited for lunch. What a thrill for all of us to get together again. We re-connected instantly. Skip and Harry talked about boy stuff, and we just poured our hearts out to each other about our lives and the passing of years. I loved these girls then and even more now. I have no photos to share: I gave the camera up for someone to take the photo of the four of us and somehow the dial switched and I got videos for the rest of the day. You need no photos to know to know the sharing with old friends and how it brings tears to my eyes just remembering their words of encouragement and the love in our eyes. Thank you dear ladies, and may your lives continue to be noteworthy.

I go often to the cemetery to visit my parents and when I do I thank my mother and father for so many things. Each time, I remember to thank my mother for driving to the Miracle Mile from Huntington Park every few weeks to get my teeth straightened and I thank her for making certain I rushed for a sorority. She made certain I had an outfit for each occasion. I thank my father for saying, “If you want an answer now, it is NO, but if you let me think about it, who knows.

Let me share these remedies learned in Seattle. You may benefit from the information:

For Arthritis:

Wine:  Fill a glass jar with cut onions. Cover onions with red wine. Cover jar with napkin or paper towel to let it breath for three days. Discard the onions and keep wine in fridge. Drink one shot glassful of onion-wine each morning and night on an empty stomach.

Gin: Soak yellow raisins in gin (use glass container) for 10 days. Cover with napkin or paper towel or cloth. Stir mixture every 2-3 days to make sure raisins are completely soaked. Pour out gin and keep raisins in fridge. EAT 9 raisins on an empty stomach once a day.

Day #2

Off we went to the Museum of Flight:


As you enter, you pay your tariff, then, you meet up with a greeter and you are told it will take three days to see all of the air and space history in this museum. So you know you better get a move on.

What a fantastic array of galleries, films, planes of all eras, exhibits, flight simulators, audio guides, museum stores and finally you drop into the Wings Café. What an experience to see so many artifacts, hear so many stories, and feel so much history.




We think we cannot move another muscle, but after refreshments we are riding out to Snoqualmie Falls, which is a huge waterfall on the Snoqualmie River.  We are four of the 1.5 million visitors to the falls each year. Glad to be among the people who visit here. If you have extra time there is the Salish Lodge and Spa looking over the falls.

Jin and Don are a beautiful couple we met on a trip to Russia many years ago. We have stayed connected. They live in Tacoma. Everyday they came to visit with us and take us to sights I have and will mention. We enjoyed the time together and the lively loving companionship.

Thank you Jin and Don!!


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